Auxiliary Employee definition

Auxiliary Employee meaning an employee who is employed for work which is not of a continuous nature such as:
Auxiliary Employee. Means an employee who is employed for:
Auxiliary Employee has the meaning of

Examples of Auxiliary Employee in a sentence

  • All hours worked as a Regular Part-Time Employee, including those hours worked as a Temporary Full-Time Employee and Auxiliary Employee, at the same pay grade are accumulated for the purpose of determining eligibility for increments in any classification at the pay grade.

  • Access to each Auxiliary Seniority Pool will be extended to all Auxiliary Employees as follows: As soon as an Auxiliary Employee has worked hours within two consecutive calendar years, such employee will gain entry onto the auxiliary seniority list in their jurisdiction and will be deemed to possess seniority.

  • Any employee who is employed as an Auxiliary Employee in a position assigned to a class of positions which is recognized pursuant to the Collective Agreement as operating on a 7-day week basis, shall be permitted to work at straight time rates for up to eight (8) hours per day on any five (5) days during a work week (which for the purposes of this clause shall be deemed to commence at 00:01 h on Monday morning and to end at 23:59 h on the immediately following Sunday).

  • Normal daily and weekly hours shall be deemed to be 8 (eight) and 40 (forty) respectively for all Auxiliary Employees except in the case of an Auxiliary Employee working in a position normally occupied by a full-time employee whose normal hours shall be deemed to be the normal hours of the Auxiliary Employee.

More Definitions of Auxiliary Employee

Auxiliary Employee means an employee other than an employee defined in Clause 1(a), 1(b) and 1(c).
Auxiliary Employee meaning an Employee employed:
Auxiliary Employee means an employee other than an employee defined in Clauses 2(a), 2(b) and 2(c);
Auxiliary Employee shall be defined as a person who works less than the normal work week or work day for that position.
Auxiliary Employee means an employee who has no scheduled hours but is called in to work from time to time as required.
Auxiliary Employee. Auxiliary employee means an employee holding an auxiliary appointment. Any of the above may be described as part-time if the assignment is less than 1.0 FTE per annum.