Benefits Provided Sample Clauses

Benefits Provided. Those eligible for benefits shall, upon retirement of the professor, continue to receive and have access to any group hospital and medical benefits as provided to active full-time professors by the third party health and welfare administrator, except for the inclusion of the comprehensive changes in health insurance carriers and benefit plans that might result from future negotiations or agreements between parties and except as noted in 8.E.3. below.
Benefits Provided. ‌ The District shall provide all eligible unit members and their dependents with medical, dental, and vision. The District shall also provide life insurance and long-term disability plans to all eligible unit members. SEIU and the District agree to meet regarding cost containment of benefits. In addition, the District shall provide a pre-tax salary deduction program (IRS-125 Plan) subject to IRS approval for the purpose of: Part One, paying for dependent care; Part Two, health plan premiums and Part Three, other approved health-related expenses. Subject to IRS approval, the maximum amount that an employee may have deducted for Part One is $5,000 in the plan year, and Part Three shall be limited to $3,000 for the plan year though the amounts shown are subject to change pursuant to the Health Care Reform Act of 2009. The District shall provide all unit members with a minimum thirty (30) day notice of the annual application deadline for these pre-tax salary deduction programs. This notice shall be provided via U.S. mail. Medical Coverage: The District and SEIU Local 1021 agree to health and benefit plans effective October 1, 2012 that will be revised as follows:
Benefits Provided a. STD is a supplemental wage replacement benefit provided to the employee in the event of total and continuous disability up to approximately sixty-six and two-thirds (66-2/3) of their normal pre- disability gross earnings when integrated with state and/or federal wage replacement programs.
Benefits Provided. The City shall cooperate with the Corporation to the fullest extent permitted by law, including the Act, to assure receipt by the Corporation of all of the Sales Tax Revenues when and as due in accordance with the true intent and meaning of this Sale Agreement.
Benefits Provided. If you are automatically entitled to the Benefits in accordance with, and pursuant to, paragraphs 1, 2, 3 hereinabove, FNTN or the surviving entity resulting from the change of control of FNTN upon the Effective Date agrees to pay to you, and extend the following Benefits as the case may be:
Benefits Provided. As a Service Member, I will receive from FoodCorps the benefits listed below:
Benefits Provided. The Board shall provide all unit members and their dependents with a health insurance plan. Benefits and coverage will be determined by the Insurance Committee and will include:
Benefits Provided. The District shall maintain the benefits program (in terms of service levels) in place as of January 1, 2001, and shall continue to pay the full cost of benefits for each probationary and permanent classified employee whose regular assignment is at least twenty (20) hours per week and their spouse, domestic partner (as defined in Appendix D – Spouses and Domestic Partnership), and other eligible dependents. These benefit programs include medical, dental, vision, long-term care, life insurance and long-term disability. Any increases in costs to maintain the current level of service shall be borne by the District for the duration of the Agreement. The parties agree to work collaboratively to control future health care costs and consider plan changes that are necessary to control health care costs.
Benefits Provided a) Annual leave accrual on a pro rata basis based upon hours worked, but only after establishing eligibility through having six (6) months of continuous employment.