Health Insurance Plan Sample Clauses

Health Insurance Plan. (Excluding Summer Students Regardless of Wage Schedule Paid From) These employees shall be considered as a group in order that they may apply to participate in the Supplementary Plan and the Extended Health Benefit Plan at group rates. One hundred percent (l00%) of all premiums will be paid by the employees. The Company will pay one hundred percent (l00%) of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan premium for temporary employees who have four months' accumulated service.
Health Insurance Plan. Contributions to the City's health insurance plan by the City shall continue only to the extent of coverage by worker's compensation benefits, not to exceed eighteen (18) months.
Health Insurance Plan. All members of the bargaining unit who work twenty (20) hours or more per week and more than six (6) months of the year will be included in the health insurance program underwritten by the Board of Education. Effective January 1, 2005, each member who qualifies will be able to choose from the available plans offered by the Board. The Board and Association understand that plan design and the monitoring of the comprehensive insurance plan will be the responsibility of the District Insurance Committee of which the Association is a charter member. The District Insurance Committee will see that appeal procedures are in place with providers for matters of plan and benefit interpretation and, therefore, such matters will not be subject to the grievance procedure contained within this Agreement. The employee contribution for single or family coverage will be 10% of the premium rate for the plan selected. Members of the bargaining unit who are eligible under IMRF requirements to receive retirement benefits will be eligible during their retirement to participate in the District's medical insurance program but will be required to pay all premiums connected with this coverage, except what is covered in Section 8.9. All premiums must be paid in advance of the month due.
Health Insurance Plan. 5-5.13 The plan shall cover at least, in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the union committee responsible for the insurance plans, all drugs prescribed by a physician or a dentist and sold by a licensed pharmacist or by a duly authorized physician; a semi-private hospital room; ambulance service; hospitalization and medical expenses not otherwise recoverable when the insured professor is temporarily outside of Canada and his/her condition requires hospitalization; the cost of purchasing an artificial limb for a loss incurred while insured or other accessories and services prescribed by the attending physician and necessary for the treatment of an illness; and the services of a chiropractor necessary for the treatment of the professor.
Health Insurance Plan. Participation in the health insurance plan is mandatory for all eligible employees and their eligible dependents, subject to the exceptions stipulated in the Quebec Act respecting prescription drug insurance and the exemption privilege provided under this contract. Provisions applicable to insured persons aged 65 or older: There are no changes to the health insurance plan of a participant once she reaches the age of 65. That participant retains all of the coverage offered by the health insurance plan, including the reimbursement of prescription drug expenses, and this, without altering the premium. The same terms and conditions apply to the spouse of an insured participant under this contract’s health insurance plan, who has reached the age of 65. However, according to the rules of the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ), a person turning 65 is automatically covered under the Basic Prescription Drug Insurance Plan (RGAM) for the reimbursement of prescription drugs covered by that plan. Any insured person who reaches the age of 65 must therefore withdraw from the RAMQ to avoid paying the premium for the RGAM. If, however, an insured person decides to remain enrolled in the RGAM, that decision is irrevocable. In addition, no dependent may remain insured for prescription drug reimbursement under this contract, customarily covered by the RGAM, if the participant herself does not remain enrolled.
Health Insurance Plan. 4.1.1 General provisions All eligible employees must complete an application for enrolment in the health insurance plan within 30 days following the start date of their eligibility. Each employee must indicate their choice of module, as well as their coverage status, on the application.
Health Insurance Plan. The Employer shall make available a group insurance plan covering certain hospitalization, surgical, medical, dental and optical services for participating employees and their eligible dependents. This insurance program shall be on a voluntary basis for all full- time employees who elect to participate in the insurance plan. The scope of coverage, plan details, and all other terms and conditions of coverage shall be determined by the employer. The specific terms and conditions governing the group insurance program are set forth in detail in the master policy or policies governing the program as issued by the carrier or carriers. Eligible full-time employees may participate in the group insurance program no earlier than the ninetieth (90th) day following the commencement of employment with the Employer in a regularly scheduled full-time position or at a date thereafter that may be established by the insurance carrier. Eligible employees electing to participate in the group insurance plan shall advise the Employer in writing of this intent and make arrangements satisfactory to the Employer for the payment of the employee’s portion of the monthly premium, if any. The Employer retains the right to change insurance carriers and/or plans provided the coverage remains substantially equivalent to the plan in effect on January 1, 2008. The parties agree that prior to any such change; the Employer will notify the Union to discuss the changes to be made. Effective 1/1/2006. Mental Health Services 50-50 Emergency Room $50.00 Office visit including chiropractic services $20.00 Preventative services $750.00 Deductible $100/$200. Fixed Co-pays $500 per member; $1,000.00 per family U.P. Blue Rider Drug Rider $10/$40 MOPDx1 with contraceptives Hearing Aid coverage Vision 12-24-12 $10/$10 Dental 100%/75%/50%/50%
Health Insurance Plan. Contributions to the City's health insurance plan by the City on behalf of the employee and his dependents shall continue as long as the employee remains employed with the City.