Compensation Benefits Etc Sample Clauses

Compensation Benefits Etc. Subject to Section 3(d)(i):
Compensation Benefits Etc. UPON, AND EFFECTS OF, TERMINATION.
Compensation Benefits Etc. (a) The Company shall pay to Executive during the period of his employment hereunder a salary ("Salary") equal to $325,000 per annum. The Salary, less applicable income tax, employment tax and other required or authorized withholdings, shall be paid to Executive in accordance with the Company's regular payroll procedures.
Compensation Benefits Etc. (a) In consideration of the services to be rendered by the Consultant hereunder, the Company shall pay to the Consultant, and he shall accept, compensation in the form of commissions at a rate of (omitted) of the net commissions earned by the Company on securities transactions for which the Consultant shall have acted as primary registered representative, and (omitted)of the standard agent's commission on life and disability insurance products sold through NSCM and a commission to be negotiated between Consultant and Company on single premium annuities, long-term health care, Medicare supplement policies, etc., based upon the varying gross commissions received by NSCM.
Compensation Benefits Etc. (a) In consideration of the services to be rendered by the Employee hereunder, the Company shall pay to the Employee, and he shall accept, compensation at an annual rate of (omitted), payable biweekly or monthly, at the Company's option. If the Company shall have satisfied the annual projections for a year as set forth in Schedule A annexed hereto, Employee shall receive an increase in annual compensation in the amount of (omitted) for the next year of the term hereof. Any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, any commission payments due to the Employee by any party shall be paid directly to G&C, or its appropriate subsidiary, and no other compensation, except compensation described herein, shall be due to the Employee.
Compensation Benefits Etc upon, and Effects of, Termination.
Compensation Benefits Etc 

Related to Compensation Benefits Etc

  • Termination Compensation Termination Compensation equal to two (2) times the Executive's Base Period Income shall be paid to the Executive in a single sum payment in cash on the thirtieth (30th) business day after the later of (a) the Control Change Date and (b) the date of the Executive's employment termination; provided that if at the time of the Executive's termination of employment the Executive is a Specified Employee, then payment of the Termination Compensation to the Executive shall be made on the first day of the seventh (7th) month following the Executive's employment termination.

  • Vacation Benefits During the Term, the Executive shall be eligible for 20 vacation days annually, which shall be accrued and used in accordance with the applicable policies of the Company. During the Term, the Executive shall be eligible to participate in such medical, dental and life insurance, retirement and other plans as the Company may have or establish from time to time on terms and conditions applicable to other senior executives of the Company generally. The foregoing, however, shall not be construed to require the Company to establish any such plans or to prevent the modification or termination of such plans once established.