Attendance Requirements Sample Clauses

Attendance Requirements. 17.01 Volunteer firefighter attendance to alarms and training will be recorded and reviewed on a quarterly basis. Volunteer firefighter attendance to Station duties will be recorded and reviewed on an annual basis. Failure to meet the minimum attendance requirements for one (1) quarter to alarms and training may result in disciplinary action, beginning with a counselling session. Failure to meet the minimum attendance requirements on an annual basis for Station duties may result in disciplinary action, beginning with a counselling session. A subsequent repeated failure to meet any of the minimum attendance requirements for the measurement periods shall result in further progressive discipline up to and including termination. The City reserves the right to require Volunteers to provide evidence to substantiate that they could not attend calls.
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Attendance Requirements. Students may have a maximum of nine (9) absences per semester, or the number of absences permitted by the Idaho State Department of Education, whichever is fewer. Absence from class for any reason, including family convenience, shall be counted when the percentage of attendance and eligibility for promotion or credit is being considered.
Attendance Requirements. 4.a. School Attendance Philosophy Students, parents/legal guardians, and educators recognize the importance of attendance and punctuality at school. Key reasons for regular and punctual attendance include educational benefits and success in school.
Attendance Requirements. Palouse Prairie School attendance requirements will be in compliance with Idaho State Law. Absence from any class for any reason, including family convenience, shall be counted when the percentage of attendance and eligibility for promotion are being considered.
Attendance Requirements. School Attendance Philosophy. Students, parents, and educators recognize the importance of attendance and punctuality at school. Key reasons for regular and punctual attendance are employability, educational benefits, and success in school.  Employability—Punctuality and attendance are important skills for employment identified by employers. Developing these skills is critical whether students plan to work during the school year, after graduation, or after college.  Educational Benefits—Regular attendance assures that students stay current in academic skills, personal management skills, and teamwork skills.  Success—Students must be present in order to experience success. Further, each student's presence enhances the success of the entire class.
Attendance Requirements. Our expectation is that parents will pick students up from the school site each day by 6:00 p.m. Our policy is to release students from one safe environment to another safe environment – specifically, from the Lassen Expanded Learning Program into the custody of a parent or guardian. ⮚ If another arrangement needs to be made in an exceptional situation (i.e., dental appointment, school or other organized function) please let us know in advance and indicate on sign in/out sheet. ⮚ Due to state funding parameters, students who are registered in the Lassen Expanded Learning Program have minimum attendance requirements. Students not meeting these guidelines may be dropped from the program. • Elementary School Students – Grades TK-6th – are required to attend the full day of Expanded Learning Program on a daily basis - full day meaning from the time of school release until 6:00 p.m. All exceptions must be in compliance with the established court orders or the Lassen Expanded Learning Early Release Policy.
Attendance Requirements. Either an Advisory Board Member or an Alternate Advisory Board Member of each RCS Party shall attend all properly-noticed meetings.
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Attendance Requirements. If attendance at meetings, hearings, appeals or other proceedings relating to the grievance adjustment process which are scheduled, as set forth herein, whether as a grievant, a witness, a representative of the Association, requires an employee's absence from his/her regular duty assignment, he/she shall be released from such duty assignment without loss of pay or other penalty, provided that the costs of substitutes will be shared equally by the Association and the District.
Attendance Requirements. Students must attend all scheduled classes, exams and other mandatory learning events connected to their program. Occasional sickness of them or their children is an acceptable absence and the participant must ensure they catch up with anything they missed. Should there be any new issue that develops which is threatening their full attendance, they must communicate with IHT about this immediately. If in the event of numerous and extended absences from their program, IHT may cancel their support through the Heritage Leadership Program and terminate our agreement. In some cases, this may mean that the student would need to return to their home community before their program is completed. What you can expect to gain from the Heritage Leadership Program o Advice on heritage career planning o identifying post-­‐secondary education programs available; o helping with applications for these programs and funding sources (if needed); o support and help with problem-­‐solving around non-­‐academic challenges o support throughout the year through regular emails, telephone calls and where possible, face-­‐ to-­‐face visits; o arranging meaningful and relevant employment opportunities, with competitive compensation, throughout the summer; o giving each student up to $3000 per calendar year for costs not covered by other funding programs (ex. Upgrading courses, specialized equipment, bus passes, daycare, etc…) IMPORTANT: Continuous program support in accordance with the content of the contract is always subject to the yearly funding budget of IHT. Significant changes of overall budget allocations to IHT are very unlikely but could occur and thus jeopardize IHT’s capability in providing the granted funding. If that will be the case the program participant may be asked to continue his/ her studies without IHT funding. Once IHT has a large enough budget to fund the HLP again all applicants who were impacted by IHT’s budget cuts and who are still studying towards the same graduation goals as outlined in their original contract with IHT will be contacted by IHT and can upon confirmation of their funding needs automatically (without re-­‐ applying) receive the maximum amount of funding that IHT will be able to pay by then. o Continuing to advocate for a Nunavut heritage center which would eventually employ these new leaders. o T4 for the previous funding period What you can expect from IHT Staff o To have experience and/or general awareness of the topics you are studying o To ...
Attendance Requirements. Your contract is for seven (7) days, running Saturday - Friday. You are required to occupy your space on both Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Friday attendance is encouraged. If you decide to close during the weekdays, you are required to remove your booth and all of your items until you return. CO-OP REQUIREMENTS You are required to have someone watch your booth if you are not present. One (1) person can watch a maximum of three
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