The Participant must Sample Clauses

The Participant must. (a) not encumber or dispose of any Asset, or deal with or use any Asset other than in accordance with this clause, without the prior written approval of Cancer Australia;
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The Participant must. (a) ensure that Participant Personnel undertake any security checks, clearances or accreditations as required by Defence;
The Participant must a) use your Exhibition Space only to display and promote goods and/or services consistent with the Exhibition;
The Participant must a. use the Defence Items only for the purposes set out in item 15 of the CPS;
The Participant must in a manner that complies with applicable privacy legislation, provide clearly worded notice to both ECE Employees and Parents that limited personal information about them and their Enrolled children, as the case may be, will be provided to the Province when required by the Program for the purposes of determining and auditing the provision of funding under the Program and ECE Wage Enhancement.
The Participant must. (a) drive in a safe and responsible manner and comply with all applicable road and traffic rules and laws at all times while undertaking the Activity;
The Participant must. (a) deploy the resources and carry out the activities described in the PEP and any other approved Plan; and
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The Participant must. (1) ensure that all Authorised Services Officers are appropriately qualified and experienced to provide Services in accordance with this Agreement, including for the avoidance of doubt, in accordance with the Motor Dealer’s Guide to Vehicle Registration and the Business Rules;
The Participant must a. ensure that it, and all Participant Personnel, hold and obtain all Authorisations (including Export Approvals) necessary to perform the work under this contract including the provision of all Deliverables;
The Participant must. 4.7.1 provide MLA with all information in its possession regarding Component IP which has been developed or is in the process of being developed;
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