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Your Space. Subject to clause 2.2, the Operator gives You a licence to store Your Goods in Your Space, in accordance with this Agreement, during the Minimum Storage Period and after then, on a month to month basis until terminated by either party in accordance with this Agreement or any further period agreed to in writing by the parties ("Storage Period").
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Your Space. The space that You have the right to use (the "Licensed Premises") is approximately square feet, and is located at Parkway Plaza ("Shopping Center"), the address and telephone number of which are 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 (619) 535-2588. The Licensed Premises is currently located in location number. Licensee shall operate from the Licensed Premises, such structure being referred to as the "Unit": The current location of the Licensed Premises is shown on the attached site plan for the Shopping Center. This location is subject to Our review and approval at all times. We cannot guarantee any particular location, and may require that the Licensed Premises be relocated one or more times during the License Period. If We do require that You relocate, We will give You twenty-four (24) hours’ prior written notice.
Your Space 

Related to Your Space

  • Work Space Adjunct faculty shall be provided with the opportunity to utilize general common area office space on each campus in order to meet students and to prepare and store instructional materials. As individual colleges and continuing education campuses expand and renovate existing facilities, they shall include adjunct faculty work areas in the formulation of their space allocation plans. Such work areas shall include at a minimum: a work station or table, a chair, a visitor’s chair, nearby access to a phone, nearby access to a computer with internet and District network access, nearby access to a printer, and campus access to a scanner. Individual colleges shall consider adjunct faculty work areas in the formulation of their space allocation plans.

  • Leaving School premises The School will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the Pupil remains in the care of the School during School hours but does not accept responsibility for the Pupil if he / she leaves School premises in breach of School rules or regulations. The School is not legally entitled to prevent a pupil aged 16 years or over from leaving School premises during School hours.

  • Licensed Premises It is mutually agreed that upon the implementation of any changes in the Liquor Control Board Regulations governing licensed premises and if problems arise as a result of these changes, the Union and Employer will attempt to negotiate an agreement.

  • Access to Premises Landlord, its agents, servants, or employees may enter the Premises at reasonable times with reasonable advance notice to Tenant (or an authorized employee of Tenant at the Premises), and at any time, upon reasonable notice to Tenant under the circumstances, in an emergency, to do the following: inspect the Premises; comply with all laws, orders, ordinances and requirements of any governmental unit or authority for which Landlord may be responsible under this Lease, if any; show the Premises to prospective lenders or purchasers and, during the ninety (90) days immediately prior to the expiration of this Lease if Tenant declines to renew for an additional term in accordance with the provisions of this Lease, to prospective tenants, but only if all such showings are accompanied by a representative of Tenant if so requested by Tenant; or post (on the Development, but not within or at the entrance of the Premises) for sale or for lease signs; provided; however, that all such entries shall be completed promptly in a good workmanlike manner so as to cause the least practical interference to Tenant’s business and Tenant’s use of the Premises. In all events, Landlord shall use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize interference with the Premises and Tenant’s business operations thereon. If Landlord’s entry materially and substantially interferes with the conduct of Tenant’s business and/or cause damage to Tenant’s property (and the entry is not needed because of Tenant’s default, negligence or willful misconduct), then in such event the rent and any sums due and payable as additional rents, shall xxxxx in proportion to the extent of the interference and Landlord shall be liable for any damage to Tenant’s property.

  • Parking Space The address required to find and physically park the Lessee’s vehicle is mandatory for this agreement to be valid. Section II. Term (7)

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