Service Requirements Sample Clauses

Service Requirements. Grantee shall:
Service Requirements. Grantee shall comply with the following: A. Administrative Requirements
Service Requirements. 3.11 To use the Bitstream 2 Ultra Service the Service Provider must have the capability to access and interconnect with it, by one of the following:
Service Requirements. 4.1 All Services shall be performed in accordance with the requirements set forth in this Service Agreement, including the Service Specification, and otherwise in a professional manner.
Service Requirements. The Services delivered hereunder shall conform in all material respects to (i) the specifications set forth in Exhibit A, (ii) the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, and (iii) any other requirements agreed upon by the parties in writing. Service Provider agrees to use sound and professional principles and practices in accordance with normally accepted industry standards in rendering Services hereunder, and Service Provider further agrees that performance shall reflect the best professional knowledge, skill and judgment of Service Provider. Service Provider shall furnish competent personnel for fulfillment of its obligations. If University deems Service Provider personnel unsatisfactory to perform Services due to a failure by such personnel to comply with the terms and conditions imposed on Service Provider as set forth herein, such personnel shall be removed immediately.
Service Requirements. 4.1.1 In addition to the generic requirements documented in Section 2, the following requirements are specific to the Telephony Channel service. It is anticipated that any requirements from OGDs will be broadly similar, however if OGD requirements vary, a detailed specification for services required by any OGD will be produced.
Service Requirements. Whenever used in this Agreement, "Service Requirements" means such Service Requirements as determined by the Company, but such determination shall be subject to the grievance procedure set forth in Article 21, and a charge of bad faith or arbitrary action shall be subject to the arbitration procedure set out in Article 23. (See Appendix C, Part XIII.)
Service Requirements. 10.1 The Physicians will provide the Services as described in Appendix 1 and will schedule their availability, as set out in Appendix 1, to reasonably ensure the provision of the Services.
Service Requirements. Grantee shall comply with the following: Administrative Requirements
Service Requirements. Grantee will meet the service requirements of the Award with respect to the Restricted Share Units, or applicable portion thereof if so specified, if Grantee meets the conditions of any of the subclauses below. If more than one of the following subclauses is applicable with respect to those RSUs, Grantee will have met the service requirements for such RSUs upon the first to occur of such conditions.