Service Requirements Sample Clauses

Service Requirements. 4.1 All Services shall be performed in accordance with the requirements set forth in this Service Agreement, including the Service Specification, and otherwise in a professional manner.
Service Requirements. 3.6 To use the Bitstream 4 Service the Service Provider must have the capability to access and interconnect with it, by one of the following:
Service Requirements. 4.1.1 In addition to the generic requirements documented in Section 2, the following requirements are specific to the Telephony Channel service. It is anticipated that any requirements from OGDs will be broadly similar, however if OGD requirements vary, a detailed specification for services required by any OGD will be produced.
Service Requirements. OVERVIEW
Service Requirements. Grantee shall:
Service Requirements. 10.1 The Physicians will provide the Services as described in Appendix 1 and will schedule their availability, as set out in Appendix 1, to reasonably ensure the provision of the Services.
Service Requirements. In connection with the rights granted to it pursuant to this Agreement, Distributor shall provide maintenance services and all other necessary services to the Product installed on the Courses in the Territory. Distributor shall respond timely (within 24 hours of a service call from a Course) to a request to service the Product. If Distributor is unable to service the Product, it shall immediately contact Supplier’s customer service representatives to seek assistance on the correct procedure to repair the Product. In connection with providing the service required by this Agreement, Distributor agrees that it shall not modify the Product in any way without the prior written consent of Supplier. Additionally, Distributor agrees that in connection with servicing the Product, it will follow Supplier’s service, installation and troubleshooting procedures, which are set forth on Exhibit D. If Supplier is required to repair any Product (other than as set forth below in Section 3.4) installed by Distributor or install Product on behalf of Distributor, Distributor shall reimburse Supplier for all costs affiliated with such repairs, including travel expenses, labor, time and parts.