Association Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Association Responsibilities. 1. The organization shall keep an adequate itemized record of its financial transactions and shall make available annually to the City Clerk, and to all unit employees, within sixty (60) calendar days after the end of its fiscal year, a detailed written financial report thereof in the form of a balance sheet and an operating statement, certified as to its accuracy by its president and the treasurer or corresponding principal officer, or by a certified public accountant.
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Association Responsibilities. The Association shall have, in addition to other responsibilities expressly set forth herein or provided by law, the following responsibilities:
Association Responsibilities. Duly authorized representatives of the Association shall be free to transact official Association business necessary for the performance of Association responsibilities to ASF bargaining unit members, including grievance representation activities in accordance with Article 25, Section H. Such business may be conducted at the university at reasonable times so long as it does not interfere with the normal functioning of the university.
Association Responsibilities. The Association shall not be liable to the County for "wildcat" job action by the employees it represents. The Association shall use its best efforts to prevent any such "wildcat" job action and shall: encourage its members, at the earliest possible time, to discontinue the job action; immediately declare in writing delivered to the County and publicize that such job action is a violation of the Memorandum of Understanding and unauthorized; and direct its members in writing to cease such conduct and resume work.
Association Responsibilities. 1. In the event that the Association, its officers, agents, representatives, and/or members engage in any of the conduct prohibited in Section A, Prohibited Conduct, above, the Association shall immediately instruct any persons engaging in such conduct that their conduct is in violation of this Memorandum of Understanding and unlawful, and they must immediately cease engaging in conduct prohibited in Section A, Prohibited Conduct, above, and return to work.
Association Responsibilities. 1. The Association is responsible for submitting to the City Controller the agreed upon dues authorization notification and any changes in the amounts to be deducted from the employeespay checks.
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Association Responsibilities. A homeowner’s association and/or a property owner’s association (“HOA”) must be created by the Owner. Membership in the HOA shall be mandatory for all property owners within the Project. The HOA shall be responsible for maintaining all parks, open-space and buffer areas, streetlights, stormwater-management areas and drainage systems, entrance features, boundary walls and/or fences, access tracts, and landscaped tracts within the Project.
Association Responsibilities. The Association agrees to make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure proper performance of the Services. The Association will be responsible for acting only on those instructions sent through the Services which are actually received and cannot assume responsibility for malfunctions in communications facilities not under the Association’s control that may affect the accuracy or timeliness of the messages you send. The Association is not responsible for any losses or delays in transmission of instructions arising out of your software or hardware or other equipment, your use of any access service provider, or caused by any browser software you use. The Association and the Service Providers are also not responsible for any computer virus or related problems, which may be attributable to services provided to you by any access service provider.
Association Responsibilities. The Association agrees to furnish any information needed by the District to fulfill the provisions of this Article. The District must receive at least thirty (30) days in advance any changes in dues.
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