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AMOUNTS TO BE. PAID ON TENDER CLOSING The amounts specified in Schedule B to this Agreement shall be paid by the Company to the Executive immediately prior to the Tender Closing.
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  • PAYMENTS TO MASTER SERVICER Section 4.01 Remittances. On each Remittance Date, no later than 3:00 p.m. New York City time, the Servicer shall remit on a scheduled/scheduled basis by wire transfer of immediately available funds to the Master Servicer (a) all amounts deposited in the Custodial Account as of the close of business on the Determination Date (net of charges against or withdrawals from the Custodial Account pursuant to Section 3.04), plus (b) all Monthly Advances, if any, which the Servicer or other Advancing Person is obligated to make pursuant to Section 4.03, minus (c) any amounts attributable to Principal Prepayments, Liquidation Proceeds, Insurance Proceeds, Condemnation Proceeds or REO Disposition Proceeds received after the applicable Due Period, which amounts shall be remitted on the following Remittance Date, together with any additional interest required to be deposited in the Custodial Account in connection with such Principal Prepayment in accordance with Section 3.03 (iii) and (vii), and minus (d) any amounts attributable to Monthly Payments collected but due on a Due Date or Due Dates subsequent to the first day of the month in which such Remittance Date occurs, which amounts shall be remitted on the Remittance Date next succeeding the Due Date related to such Monthly Payment. With respect to any remittance received by the Master Servicer after the Business Day on which such payment was due, the Servicer shall pay to the Master Servicer interest on any such late payment at an annual rate equal to LIBOR, adjusted as of the date of each change, plus four (4) percentage points, but in no event greater than the maximum amount permitted by applicable law. Such interest shall be deposited in the Custodial Account by the Servicer on the date such late payment is made and shall cover the period commencing with the day following the Remittance Date and ending with the Business Day on which such payment is made, both inclusive. Such interest shall be remitted along with the distribution payable on the next succeeding Remittance Date. The payment by the Servicer of any such interest shall not be deemed an extension of time for payment or a waiver of any Event of Default by the Master Servicer or any applicable Trustee. All remittances required to be made to the Master Servicer shall be made on a scheduled/scheduled basis to the following wire account or to such other account as may be specified by the Master Servicer from time to time: Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association Minneapolis, Minnesota ABA# 000000000 Account Name: SAS Clearing 0000000000 For further credit to: Collection Account No. 00000000

  • Adjustments to Payments 11.1 Anything in this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, in the event it shall be determined that any payment or distribution by the Company to Executive or for Executive’s benefit (whether paid or payable or distributed or distributable pursuant to the terms of this Agreement or otherwise) (the “Payments”) would be subject to the excise tax imposed by Section 4999 (or any successor provisions) of the Code, or any interest or penalty is incurred by Executive with respect to such excise tax (such excise tax, together with any such interest and penalties, is hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Excise Tax”), then the Payments shall be reduced (but not below zero) if and to the extent that such reduction would result in Executive retaining a larger amount, on an after-tax basis (taking into account federal, state and local income taxes and the imposition of the Excise Tax), than if Executive received all of the Payments. The Company shall reduce or eliminate the Payments, by first reducing or eliminating the portion of the Payments which are not payable in cash and then by reducing or eliminating cash payments, in each case in reverse order beginning with payments or benefits which are to be paid the farthest in time from the determination.

  • Payments to Collection Account On or before the applicable Cut-Off Date, the Servicer shall have instructed all Obligors to make all payments in respect of the Collateral Portfolio directly to the Collection Account; provided that the Servicer is not required to so instruct any Obligor which is solely a guarantor or other surety (or an Obligor that is not designated as the “lead borrower” or another such similar term) unless and until the Servicer calls on the related guaranty or secondary obligation.

  • Adjustments to Purchase Price The Purchase Price shall be adjusted as follows:

  • Deposits to the Collection Account On behalf of the Trust Fund, the Master Servicer shall deposit or cause to be deposited in the clearing account (which account must be an Eligible Account) in which it customarily deposits payments and collections on mortgage loans in connection with its mortgage loan servicing activities on a daily basis, and in no event more than one Business Day after the Master Servicer's receipt thereof, and shall thereafter deposit in the Collection Account, in no event more than two Business Days after the deposit of such funds into the clearing account, as and when received or as otherwise required hereunder, and retain therein, the following payments and collections received or made by it subsequent to the Cut-off Date with respect to the Mortgage Loans, or payments (other than Principal Prepayments) received by it on or prior to the Cut-off Date but allocable to a Due Period subsequent thereto:

  • Assets to be Purchased (a) Subject to and upon the terms and conditions of this Agreement, at the Closing, the Seller shall transfer, convey, assign, deliver, and the Buyer shall receive from the Seller, the following properties, assets and other claims, rights and interests of the Seller:

  • When Adjustments to Be Made The adjustments required by this Section 4 shall be made whenever and as often as any specified event requiring an adjustment shall occur, except that any adjustment of the number of shares of Common Stock for which this Warrant is exercisable that would otherwise be required may be postponed (except in the case of a subdivision or combination of shares of the Common Stock, as provided for in Section 4(b)) up to, but not beyond the date of exercise if such adjustment either by itself or with other adjustments not previously made adds or subtracts less than one percent (1%) of the shares of Common Stock for which this Warrant is exercisable immediately prior to the making of such adjustment. Any adjustment representing a change of less than such minimum amount (except as aforesaid) which is postponed shall be carried forward and made as soon as such adjustment, together with other adjustments required by this Section 4 and not previously made, would result in a minimum adjustment or on the date of exercise. For the purpose of any adjustment, any specified event shall be deemed to have occurred at the close of business on the date of its occurrence.

  • PAYMENTS TO PURCHASER 52 ARTICLE VI....................................................................54

  • Assets to be Held The Custodian shall limit the securities and other assets maintained in the custody of the foreign sub-custodians to: (a) "foreign securities", as defined in paragraph (c)(1) of Rule 17f-5 under the Investment Company Act of 1940, and (b) cash and cash equivalents in such amounts as the Custodian or the Fund may determine to be reasonably necessary to effect the Fund's foreign securities transactions. The Custodian shall identify on its books as belonging to the Fund, the foreign securities of the Fund held by each foreign sub-custodian.

  • Payments to Xxxxxx In connection with the distribution of shares of the Fund, Xxxxxx will be entitled to receive: (a) payments pursuant to any Distribution Plan and Agreement from time to time in effect between the Fund and Xxxxxx with respect to the Fund or any particular class of shares of the Fund, (b) any contingent deferred sales charges applicable to the redemption of shares of the Fund or of any particular class of shares of the Fund, determined in the manner set forth in the then current Prospectus and Statement of Additional Information of the Fund and (c) subject to the provisions of Section 3 below, any front-end sales charges applicable to the sale of shares of the Fund or of any particular class of shares of the Fund, less any applicable dealer discount.

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