Change Order Sample Clauses

Change Order. (5) The Change Order is then submitted to the Project Manager who immediately processes the CO with OPC as required by Bulletin 3.5 and BGS’ Contracting Plan.
Change Order. A document issued on or after the Effective Date of the Contract, signed by the Contractor and the Owner and ordinarily certified by the Design Professional, which may authorize a change or changes, including but not limited to a change to the Contract Sum, the Contract Time, or the Contract Documents
Change Order. A document recommended by Architect which is signed by General Contractor, Owner and Architect, and authorizes an addition, deletion, or revision in the Work or an adjustment in the Contract Price or the Contract Times, issued on or after the Effective Date of the Agreement.
Change Order. A written order to Developer authorizing an addition to, deletion from, or revision in the Work, and/or authorizing an adjustment in the Guaranteed Maximum Price or Contract Time.
Change Order. The Agency procurement officer may, by a written order signed only by the STATE, at any time, and without notice to any surety, and subject to all appropriate adjustments, make changes within the general scope of this Contract in any one or more of the following:
Change Order. A written order to the Contractor, signed by the Owner, which authorizes a change in the Work, and any resulting adjustment to the Contract Price and/or the Contract Time. A Unilateral Change Order is a Change Order signed only by the Owner addressing any Modification to the Contract Sum or the Contract Time to which the Owner agrees. A Mutual Change Order is a Change Order signed by both the Owner and by the Contractor reflecting agreement on all terms, conditions and requirements set forth therein. A Unilateral Change Order may be converted to a Mutual Change Order upon agreement being reached between the parties. Change Orders shall be initiated and processed as set forth in the Changes provisions of these Terms and Conditions. A Unilateral Change Order or a Mutual Change Order may affect the Contract, an individual Purchase Order, or both, depending on its terms.
Change Order. A Change Order is a written amendment to this Contract prepared by the Consultant and signed by the Owner and the Construction Manager stating their agreement upon: - a change in the Services; - a change in the Work; - the method of adjustment or the amount of the adjustment in the Contract Price, if any; and - the extent of the adjustment in the Contract Time, if any.
Change Order. A written order signed by the Chairman that establishes the full payment and final settlement of all claims for direct, indirect and consequential costs, including costs of delays, and establishes any adjustments to contract time related to the work covered and affected by one or more field orders, or for change work done or agreed to be done without issuance of a separate field order. A change order signed by all the parties to the contract constitutes a supplemental agreement.
Change Order. Change Order shall mean a written modification of the Contract under Section D.1 of the OSU General Conditions (including without limitation any agreed change to GMP), identified as a Change Order and executed by the Owner’s Authorized Representative, CM/GC, where applicable.
Change Order. A Change Order is a written instrument prepared by either party and signed by the City Manager and Contractor stating their agreement upon all of the following: