The Service Area Sample Clauses

The Service Area. 10.1.1 The site shall comprise of the area where the Existing Project Facilities and ancillary facilities described in Schedule 2 are located and shall include all such areas in which the Additional Project Facilities are to be constructed as per this Agreement (the “Service Area”) as demarcated in the map attached as Schedule 3. The Operator shall be provided and granted the Right of Way by the Authority to the Service Area as a licensee under and in accordance with this Agreement.
The Service Area. All persons requesting sewer treatment services in the Service Area shall make their application to the City. For those non City customers requesting service from a line constructed by the City in accordance with Section 5.01(b), (c), or (d), the City shall not approve any application for service without the prior written consent of the County or the District as appropriate. For those persons requesting to connect into a County-owned and -controlled line, the City shall forward the application to the County for processing in accordance with the County's Ordinances, policies and procedures. The City shall process all other applications in accordance with its Ordinances, policies and procedures, and the provisions of this Agreement.
The Service Area 

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  • Service Area (a) SORACOM shall provide the SORACOM Air Global Service within the area designated on the web site of SORACOM (the “Service Area”), provided, that, the Service Area may be different if stated otherwise as specified by SORACOM separately. However, within the Service Area, you may not use the SORACOM Air Global Service in places where transmissions are difficult to send or receive.

  • Service Areas The MCP agrees to provide services to Aged, Blind or Disabled (ABD) members, Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) members, and Adult Extension members residing in the following service area(s): Central/Southeast Region ☒ Northeast Region ☒ West Region ☒ The ABD and MAGI categories of assistance are described in OAC rule 5160-26-02. The Adult Extension category is defined in Ohio’s Medicaid State Plan as authorized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The MCP shall serve all counties in any region they agree to serve.

  • Use of Basement and Service Areas The basement(s) and service areas, if any, as located within the (project name), shall be earmarked for purposes such as parking spaces and services including but not limited to electric sub-station, transformer, DG set rooms, underground water tanks, pump rooms, maintenance and service rooms, fire fighting pumps and equipment's etc. and other permitted uses as per sanctioned plans. The Allottee shall not be permitted to use the services areas and the basements in any manner whatsoever, other than those earmarked as parking spaces, and the same shall be reserved for use by the association of allottees formed by the Allottees for rendering maintenance services.

  • The Services 3.1.1 The Supplier shall supply the Services and provide all Deliverables to the Authority during the Contract Period in accordance with the Authority’s requirements as set out in the Contract in consideration for the payment of the Contract Price. The Authority may inspect and examine the manner in which the Supplier supplies the Services at the Premises during normal business hours on reasonable notice.

  • The Service Provider (a) shall take out and maintain, and shall cause any Subcontractors to take out and maintain, at its (or the Sub contractors', as the case may be)own cost but on terms and conditions approved by the Procuring Entity, insurance against the risks, and for the coverage, as shall be specified in the SCC; and

  • Service Locations Bank maintains various operational/service centers and locations in the United States and other jurisdictions. The services provided under this Agreement may be provided from one or more such locations. Bank may change the operational/service centers and locations as it deems necessary or appropriate for its business concerns.

  • Service Location In-Home Service: If your Plan provides in-home service and your product needs repair, call 0-000-000-0000 to arrange service. If on-site coverage is provided during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be referred to the manufacturer for service, or calls may not be scheduled until authorized by the manufacturer. An adult of legal age must be present at the location where on-site service will occur. If you live beyond a 50-mile radius of an authorized service center, you may be required to ship the product to the servicer; however, shipping charges will be covered by the Plan. While most products can be repaired on-site, some products, due to their sensitive, technical nature, require the controlled environment of a factory authorized service center; therefore, on-site repair is not possible. This Plan does not cover labor or materials to obtain access to covered components if structural modification or repair is required. It is your responsibility to insure that the covered product is accessible to the service technician. If a technician arrives and determines the problem is not covered under the terms of the Plan or there is a “no problem found” diagnosis, you will be responsible for any related charges to that service center including any parts and labor needed to complete the repair. Carry-In Service: If your Plan provides carry-in service and your covered product needs repair, call 0-000-000-0000 to arrange service. While most products can be repaired locally, some products, due to their sensitive, technical nature, require the controlled environment of a factory authorized service center; therefore, a local repair facility may not be available. You are responsible for transporting your product to the designated service center. The product may be carried into or shipped (postage pre-paid and insured) to the designated service center. The product will be returned to you at no additional cost, if an authorized service is performed. If it is determined the problem is not covered under the terms of the Plan or there is a “no problem found” diagnosis, you will be responsible for any related charges to that service center. For products that the store is authorized by the manufacturer to repair: If it is more convenient, you may take the covered product to the nearest store location for diagnostics and repair. Contact the store to verify manufacturer’s authorization prior to taking product in for service. Transportation of the product to and from the store location is your responsibility. Due to the nature of some manufacturers’ service authorizations and the availability of parts, the store may be required to ship some products to another repair center for completion of the repair. If your Plan only provides carry-in service, you will be responsible for any shipping and handling charges related to getting the product to a third party service center.

  • GENERAL SERVICE DESCRIPTION Service Provider will perform Accounts Payable, Supplier Payment and Sales and Use Tax Services for Service Receiver. Service Receiver and its Subsidiaries will utilize the Service Provider’s resources based on the functionality, processes, input and output screens and documents that support the Service Provider’s business and business processes in the twelve months prior to the Distribution Date.