Building department definition

Building department means an agency of any governmental subdivision charged with the administration, supervision, or enforcement of building regulations, prescribed or required by state or local building regulations.
Building department means the department, bureau, or officer charged with the enforcement of laws or ordinances regulating the erection, construction, or alteration of buildings.
Building department means the Xxxxx County Building Department.

Examples of Building department in a sentence

  • M.W. Tax, extra water charges, all liaison work with Municipal Authorities for Building Department, Water Department, Pest Control etc.

  • The Sheriff's Office has completed their background check and the Building Department has inspected the premises for changes.

  • Permittee shall submit Part I of a Recycling Report on business letterhead to the Building Department, for forwarding to the Engineering Department for review and approval.

  • Part II of the Recycling Report shall be supported by copies of weight tags and/or receipts of “end dumps.” Actual reuse, recycling and disposal tonnage amounts (and estimates for “end dumps”) shall be submitted to the Building Department for approval by the Engineering Department prior to inspection by the Building Department.

  • Permittee shall submit Part II of the Recycling Report to the Building Department, for forwarding to the Engineering Department.

More Definitions of Building department

Building department means the Department of Planning and Building Services of the County of Mendocino.
Building department means the Building Department of the County of Nevada so long as City contracts with County for such services.
Building department means the Division of Building and Hous- ing.
Building department means the building division of the planning, building and environmental services department of Napa County.
Building department means the building and development division of the City of Goleta Community Services Department.
Building department means the City of Burlington’s Building Department;
Building department means the Building Division of the Planning and Development Department of the Corporation of the Town of Wasaga Beach.