Building department definition

Building department means the Xxxxx County Building Department.

Examples of Building department in a sentence

  • Building department permit is required and must be paid in full by contractor prior to start of work.

  • In circumstances where the Site Audit Statement is subject to conditions that require ongoing review by the Auditor or Council, these must be reviewed and must be approved by the Council's Health and Building department in writing through the Area Planning Manager before the Site Audit Statement is issued.

  • Building department rates were last increased in 2017 and include Permit Fees (building, electrical, gas, mechanical, plumbing) Plan Review Fees, Inspection Fees, Certificate of Occupancy Fees and Zoning fees.

  • Permits from the Airport Building department shall not be issued to contractors who do not have current City Business licenses.

  • I also understand the person in charge of the construction of the building shall have the permit or a copy of the permit posted at all times during the construction or demolition in a conspicuous place on the property and shall keep and maintain on the site of the construction at least one copy of the drawings and specifications stamped as site copy by the City of Belleville Building department.

More Definitions of Building department

Building department means the Department of Planning and Building Services of the County of Mendocino.
Building department means the Division of Building and Hous- ing.
Building department means the building division of the planning, building and environmental services department of Napa County.
Building department means the Building Department of the County of Nevada so long as City contracts with County for such services.
Building department means the Building Division of the Planning and Development Department of the Corporation of the Town of Wasaga Beach.
Building department means the Department of Building of The City of New York or any successor agency.