Definition of Tenant Improvement Work

Tenant Improvement Work means the construction of the Tenant Improvements, together with any related work (including demolition) that is necessary to construct the Tenant Improvements;
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Examples of Tenant Improvement Work in a sentence

If Landlord has begun performing the Tenant Improvement Work, then, in the absence of such authorization, Landlord shall have the option to continue such performance disregarding such revision.
In addition, Landlord may select and/or approve of any subcontractors, mechanics and materialmen used in connection with the performance of the Tenant Improvement Work.
Subcontracts for all Tenant Improvement Work shall be obtained by a sealed competitive bid process (involving at least two qualified bidders) wherever practical and as to work done without such process, Lessor or the General Contractor shall provide reasonable assurance to Lessee that the cost and expense of same is competitive in the industry for first-class workmanship and materials.
Landlord shall cause the Contractor to perform the Tenant Improvement Work in accordance with the Approved Construction Drawings.
Tenant shall be responsible for all costs associated with the Tenant Improvement Work, including the costs of the Allowance Items, to the extent such costs exceed the lesser of (a) the Allowance, or (b) the aggregate amount that Landlord is required to disburse for such purpose pursuant to this Work Letter.