Soft Costs definition

Soft Costs means the costs of professional work and fees, interim costs, financing fees and expenses, syndication costs, soft costs and Developer’s fees as shown in the Applicant’s properly completed UniApp, Section C - Uses of Funds. Soft Costs do not include operating or replacement reserves.
Soft Costs means all costs which are ordinarily and reasonably incurred in relation to the acquisition, development, installation, construction, improvement and testing of the Properties other than Hard Costs, including without limitation structuring fees, administrative fees, legal fees, upfront fees, fees and expenses related to appraisals, title examinations, title insurance, document recordation, surveys, environmental site assessments, geotechnical soil investigations and similar costs and professional fees customarily associated with a real estate closing, the Lender Unused Fee, the Holder Unused Fee, fees and expenses of the Owner Trustee payable or reimbursable under the Operative Agreements and costs and expenses incurred pursuant to Sections 7.3(a) and 7.3(b) of the Participation Agreement.
Soft Costs means those costs associated with the development, construction, marketing, leasing, operation and maintenance of the Improvements which are not Land Acquisition Costs or Building Costs, including, without limitation, the Facility Lessee Loan, repayment of the Facility Lessee Reverse Loan in respect of proceeds thereof used to pay Soft Costs and Land Acquisition Costs, the Developer Fee, architectural and engineering fees, consultant fees, professional fees, marketing fees and expenses, real estate taxes, insurance and bonding costs, interest and financing fees and any other items identified as “Soft Costs” in the Project Budget.

Examples of Soft Costs in a sentence

  • Landlord will charge Tenant a construction management fee in an amount equal to one percent (1%) of the total hard costs and Soft Costs of the Work, which amount will be deducted from the Improvement Allowance and retained by Landlord when Landlord disburses the Improvement Allowance.

  • Tenant's failure to make any such payment for the Soft Costs or other costs of the Work when due shall constitute a default under the Lease, entitling Landlord, subject to any applicable notice and/or grace periods provided in the Lease, to exercise any or all of its remedies under the Lease.

  • Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the portion of the Improvement Allowance that may be applied to pay Soft Costs shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the Improvement Allowance.

  • The Improvement Allowance and Preliminary Planning Allowance shall be disbursed by Landlord to reimburse Tenant for all costs reasonably incurred by Tenant in connection with the construction and installation of the Tenant Improvements (including Soft Costs, contractor overhead, hard costs directly related to construction of the Tenant Improvements, the purchase and installation of fixtures, the installation of technology/audio visual and similar equipment and signage).

More Definitions of Soft Costs

Soft Costs means all Project Costs which are not Hard Costs or the cost of acquiring the Property, and include, without limitation, permit and license fees, development fees, architectural and engineering consultants and services, survey costs, title insurance premiums, legal fees, origination fees, interest on the Loan and the like.
Soft Costs or “Allowance” means an amount of money for eligible planning, design, value engineering, construction management, environmental, and administration costs of the Project.
Soft Costs means those Building Loan Costs which are not Hard Costs, including but not limited to, architect’s, engineer’s and general contractor’s fees, interest on the Building Loan, recording taxes and title charges in respect of the Building Loan Mortgage and such other non-construction costs as are part of the Cost of the Improvements.
Soft Costs means all items under the category heading “Soft Cost” in the Total Project Budget. Soft Costs include, without limitation, architectural and engineering fees and legal fees incurred by the Company.
Soft Costs shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.5(A).
Soft Costs means all costs and expenses (other than Hard Costs) set forth in the Construction Disbursement Budget, including without limitation pre-opening costs.