PRODUCT NAME Sample Clauses

PRODUCT NAME. It is expressly agreed that the ownership and all right, title and interest in and to the Services and any trademark, trade name, patent or copyright relating to the Services is and will remain vested solely in StoresOnline; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that as permitted by this Agreement, Reseller may use any existing or future trademark, trade name, patent or copyright relating to the Services, such use to be limited to promoting, selling, installing or maintaining the Services; and PROVIDED, FURTHER, that as permitted by this Agreement, the Services may be branded around Reseller's name, brand and image. Reseller shall use its best efforts during the term of this Agreement to protect StoresOnline's trademarks, trade names, patents and copyrights, but shall not be required to instigate legal action against third parties for any infringement thereof. Reseller shall notify StoresOnline of any infringement as soon as practicable after becoming aware of any such infringement. Reseller shall not use, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, StoresOnline's name or any other trade name or trademark that is owned or used by StoresOnline in connection with any product other than StoresOnline's products, without the prior written consent of StoresOnline.
PRODUCT NAME. Each Party shall be free to use any tradenames or logos - at its own choice - with respect to the Product.
PRODUCT NAME. The name of the Product shall be ProfileProtect. DFS shall be the owner of such name. DFS grants INTERSECTIONS a license to use such name during the term of this Agreement. In the event of a termination of this Agreement, DFS grants INTERSECTIONS a license to use such name for the purpose of providing the Product and Services in accordance with Paragraph 5 to Cardmembers who continue to purchase the Product.
PRODUCT NAME. General Agent and Broker-Dealer agree that Directed Services and First Golden and their affiliates have the exclusive right to use the names "Directed Services," "Golden American, and "First Golden" and any names including the phrase "Directed Services," "Golden American," and/or "First Golden." Directed Services, General Agent, and Broker-Dealer acknowledge that all rights in the name "GOLDENSELECT" are owned by an affiliate to the Manager of the Trust, and General Agent and Broker-Dealer agree that under this Agreement, General Agent and Broker-Dealer are not granted any right in or license to the name "GOLDENSELECT."
PRODUCT NAME. SHURIKEN (also known as the PV250 M2HD Series). In the event the Parties choose to sell SHURIKEN outside of North America they will allocate costs associated with testing and launching for international markets as they’ve done for previous Products.
PRODUCT NAME. Product sold or distributed pursuant to this Agreement shall be sold or distributed under the ONALTA Trademark and all such use shall be governed by the terms provided herein.
PRODUCT NAME. M2 (also known as the PV200 Series).
PRODUCT NAME. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement governing ------- trademarks, both parties will promote Enhanced IFSS using the product name "CyberSource Internet Fraud Screen enhanced by Visa." During the term of the Agreement, the product name will be used by the parties in all marketing communications and public communications that identify or promote Enhanced IFSS. After the term of the Agreement, CyberSource shall immediately cease any use of the name or trademarks associated with Visa, including references to Visa in the product name.
PRODUCT NAME. Two product SKU's have been defined for internal material lists and customer ordering. Hewlett-Packard DesignJet XXX (24" size) Hewlett-Packard DesignJet XXX (42" size) 4 Product deliverables ICD will receive 2 CD-ROMs: Roman CD-ROM, including EFGIS versions for Macintosh and Windows Asian CD-ROM, including EJKCT versions for Macintosh and Windows
PRODUCT NAME. Borrower shall use the product name ZTlidoTM for all of its 1.8% lidocaine transdermal patches or other 1.8% lidocaine topical delivery systems brought to market.