Licensed Territory definition

Licensed Territory means worldwide.
Licensed Territory means the geographical area identified in Appendix B.
Licensed Territory means the world.

Examples of Licensed Territory in a sentence

  • This Agreement extends only to the Licensed Works and Marks, such to be used on Licensed Products, Promotional Products and packaging therefor and in connection with the marketing thereof through the Licensed Channels of Trade in the Licensed Territory during the Term, subject to the terms of this Agreement.

  • Toy stores, Specialty Stores, Online (delivery limited to Licensed Territory), Mass market stores, Super & Hypermarkets, Gift Channels, Department Stores & Mid Tier, Book Retailers and Airport Stores & Duty Free Shops only.

  • Article 6, LICENSOR reserves the right to license third parties to distribute any of the Licensed Products identified in Article 3 for promotional or premium purposes including without limitation distribution in the Licensed Territory.

More Definitions of Licensed Territory

Licensed Territory means the entire world.
Licensed Territory means all countries of the world.
Licensed Territory means the United States (including its possessions and territories) and Canada. The Licensed Territory may be modified and/or supplemented by SCEA from time to time pursuant to Section 4.4 below.
Licensed Territory shall be worldwide.
Licensed Territory means the United States and its territories and possessions, and any foreign countries where Patent Rights exist.