Adequate Sample Clauses

Adequate. First Aid Equipment” shall be furnished and maintained in the shop, in a place readily and conveniently accessible to the Employees.
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Adequate. For a performance meeting only the minimum requirements for acceptance
Adequate clean-up time shall be allowed each man prior to the completion of his shift. Operative Plasterers' and Cement Masons' International Association of the United States and Canada MASTER LABOR AGREEMENT FOR‌ STATE OF MONTANA INDEX‌ Craft Schedules 15 Effective Date and Duration 1 Escalator Provisions 14 Grievance and Arbitration 12 Holidays 8 Hours of Work-Shifts-Overtime 5 Jurisdictional Disputes 13 Lunch 8 Other Crafts Receiving Premium Pay 11 Overlapping Jurisdiction & Emergency Work Assignment 14 Pay Day 8 Provisions 14 Purpose 2 Representatives of union 10 Safety Requirements 11 Scope of Agreement 4 Show Up 9 Special Conditions 15 Strikes & Picket Lines 4 Subcontracting 4 Union Security 2 Schedule "A" (Wage Rates and Classifications) 16 Schedule "B" (Trusts) 19 Schedule "C" (Cement Masons Hiring Hall) 21
Adequate on balance satisfies criteria; does not fail in any major area 1. Very poor: does not satisfy criteria in any major areas Means of verification for payment Performance percentage payable The Course Provider receives a performance score of 4 or greater for every criterion in the performance criteria 100% The Course Provider receives a score of 3 or less in any of the performance critera Milestone Payment 3, per the Service Agreement, shall be reduced by 10% (ten per cent) for each criterion scored 3 or less. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event the Contractor receives a score of 3 or less in 10 (or more) of the performance criteria, it will receive 0% of the Milestone Payment 3. Criterion Measures Score Learning outcomes At least 85% of participants demonstrate increased knowledge and skills using pre- and post- test knowledge comparisons GEDSI GEDSI considerations are articulated in participant’s RWPs At least 2 stand-alone GEDSI sessions are delivered which are contextualised to the course and country context Course content is designed with an intersectional gender lens. Return to Work Plans (RWP) RWPs are achievable within the time frame of the Short Course RWP proposed outcomes are measurable RWPs are aligned with participants work and/or country development priorities Approved RWP templates are used and/or any modifications have been approved by Scope Global. Networking Participants were provided with a range of opportunities to network with one another Participants met with relevant Australian counterparts. Participant Satisfaction At least 85% of participants rate their overall satisfaction with the course as ‘Satisfactory’ or higher Documentation Key contract documents require no more than one review and are submitted on time (see Schedule 2: key Contract Timelines). Budget Underspends and/or overspends are communicated with the program at least 4 weeks before the next report is due (see Schedule 2: Key Contract Timelines). Financial reporting Financial reports are submitted with all supporting documents Supporting documents include a reconciliation report that clearly references individual receipts and expenditure Financial reports are accurate and submitted on time Communication 48 hours response time for all email communication (business days). Social media and communications materials All external social media and communications material are approved in advance of publication. Communications content aligns with the Promotions Guidelines for ...
Adequate. These papers take a position on the issue defined in the prompt and support that position with only a little elaboration and with little or no detail. General explanation of connections between the experience and the concept of teaching and/or learning is insufficient or superficial. Organization is at least generally satisfactory with adequate, but possibly inconsistent facility in the use of language with perhaps a few surface errors that don’t seriously affect readability. These papers demonstrate at least some syntactic variety and range of vocabulary.
Adequate. Sufficient for a specific requirement; lawfully and reasonably sufficient. Fully sufficient; equal to what is required; lawfully and reasonably sufficient. An adequate residence is one that is sufficient for meeting both the physical and psychological needs typically met in home environments.
Adequate. 24 hour, break-in security and surveillance cameras on the premises and security gates.
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  • External Appeals For appeals of a decision that a prescription drug is not covered because it is not on our formulary, please see the Formulary Exception Process in the Prescription Drug and Diabetic Equipment and Supplies section. When filing a reconsideration or an appeal, please provide the same information listed in the Complaints section above.

  • Assurance In the event of a bankruptcy proceeding, Bank and Company do not consent to assumption of this Agreement. Nevertheless, in the event of a bankruptcy proceeding and the determination by the court that this Agreement is assumable under the Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. § 365), as amended from time to time, Merchant must establish or maintain a Reserve Account in an amount satisfactory to Bank. Assumption will be made under terms and conditions that are acceptable to Bank and Company and comply with applicable Laws governing such assumption.

  • Internal Practices To make Business Associate’s internal practices, books and records relating to the use and disclosure of PHI received from County, or created or received by Business Associate on behalf of County, available to County or to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in a time and manner designated by County or by the Secretary, for purposes of determining County compliance with the HIPAA regulations.

  • Discipline Records An employee who goes for a period of twenty-four (24) working months without any disciplinary action shall be considered to have a clear record for the purpose of substantiating future disciplinary action or for use in arbitration hearings. At the written request of an employee, any report in his/her personnel file, excluding assessments or observations, that may be considered or construed by the employee to be reprimanding, disciplinary or derogatory will be placed in an envelope and labeled “not relevant for disciplinary purposes” and returned to the personnel file. This would be done only after two consecutive years (24 months) with no disciplinary action. Any record of disciplinary action or derogatory report which has been in the file longer than two years, or any reference in the file to an incident that occurred more than two years ago, may not be used as evidence or testimony against the employee. Cases of disciplinary action which was the result of moral turpitude (gross violation of standards of moral conduct, vileness—an act involving moral turpitude is considered intentionally evil, making the act a crime) or a pattern of allegations of child endangerment that results in disciplinary action by the district are exempted from the two year moratorium.

  • Unfair Business Practices Contractor represents and warrants that it has not been the subject of allegations of Deceptive Trade Practices violations under Chapter 17 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code, or allegations of any unfair business practice in any administrative hearing or court suit and that Contractor has not been found to be liable for such practices in such proceedings. Contractor certifies that it has no officers who have served as officers of other entities who have been the subject of allegations of Deceptive Trade Practices violations or allegations of any unfair business practices in an administrative hearing or court suit and that such officers have not been found to be liable for such practices in such proceedings.

  • Ethical Business Practices The Contractor shall work in partnership with the State to ensure a successful and valuable contract, and ethical practices are required of State employees, Contractors, and all parties representing the Contractor. All work performed under this Contract will be subject to review by the Inspector General of the State of Florida, and any findings suggesting unethical business practices may be cause for termination or cancellation.

  • Sound Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. External earphones should not be used unless permission is obtained from the teacher.

  • Data Practices The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement is subject to the requirements of Minnesota’s Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Section 13.01

  • Government Data Practices Vendor and Sourcewell must comply with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13, as it applies to all data provided by or provided to Sourcewell under this Contract and as it applies to all data created, collected, received, stored, used, maintained, or disseminated by the Vendor under this Contract. If the Vendor receives a request to release the data referred to in this article, the Vendor must immediately notify Sourcewell and Sourcewell will assist with how the Vendor should respond to the request.

  • Fiscal Appropriations This Contract is subject to and contingent upon available local, state, and/or federal funds and applicable budgetary appropriations being approved by the County of Orange Board of Supervisors for each fiscal year during the term of this Contract. If such appropriations are not approved, the Contract will be terminated, without penalty to the County.

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