Assurance Sample Clauses

Assurance. In the event of a bankruptcy proceeding, Bank and Company do not consent to assumption of this Agreement. Nevertheless, in the event of a bankruptcy proceeding and the determination by the court that this Agreement is assumable under the Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. § 365), as amended from time to time, Merchant must establish or maintain a Reserve Account in an amount satisfactory to Bank. Assumption will be made under terms and conditions that are acceptable to Bank and Company and comply with applicable Laws governing such assumption.
Assurance. If DHHS, in good faith, has reason to believe that the Grantee does not intend to, is unable to, has refused to, or discontinues performing material obligations under this grant, DHHS may demand in writing that the Grantee give a written assurance of intent to perform. Failure by the Grantee to provide written assurance within the number of days specified in the demand may, at DHHS's option, be the basis for terminating this grant.
Assurance. Peregrine and WinShip agree to execute any and all documents, and to perform such other acts, which may be necessary or expedient to further the purposes of this Merger Agreement.
Assurance. 4.1 The University maintains a quality assurance framework to ensure routine monitoring and regular review of its programmes, and is subject to Quality Assurance Agency audits and OFSTED inspections to ensure a high quality learning and teaching experience. The University’s codes of practice and procedures for these monitoring and review activities are detailed in the TQA manual (
Assurance. We may undertake assurance processes from time to time. If we do, you’ll need to help us out.
Assurance. 8.1 The Section 151 Officer and Monitoring Officer of the Accountable Body, or their representative, will attend meetings of the Accountability Board meetings in an advisory capacity.