Accrual Rates Sample Clauses

Accrual Rates. A. Bargaining unit employees with less than 3 years of County service earn annual leave at the rate of 120 hours per leave year. Full-time employees with at least a minimum of 3 years, but less than 15 years of County service earn annual leave at the rate of 160 hours per leave year. Full-time employees with 15 years or more of County service earn annual leave at the rate of 208 hours per leave year.
Accrual Rates. All eligible employees shall accrue vacation pay according to the following rates: Length of Service Requirement Rate Per Full Payroll Period 0 through 5 years 4 working hours After 5 through 8 years 5 working hours After 8 through 12 years 7 working hours After 12 through 18 years 7-1/2 working hours After 18 through 25 years 8 working hours After 25 through 30 years 8-1/2 working hours After 30 years 9 working hours
Accrual Rates. Full-time employees shall accrue hours of annual leave with pay for each hour of compensation to a maximum of 80 hours per biweekly work period according to the following schedule: Compensable Annual Leave Credit Annual Leave Hours Earned per Hour Accrual Less than 10,400 hours .0769 20 working days (Approximately less than 5 Years) 10,400 but less than 22,880 hours .0962 25 working days (Approximately 5 Years but less than 11 Years) 22,880 hours .1000 26 working days (Approximately 11 Years) 24,960 hours (Approximately 12 Years) .1038 27 working days 27,040 hours (Approximately 13 Years) .1077 28 working days 29,120 hours (Approximately 14 Years) .1115 29 working days 31,200 or more .1154 30 working days (Approximately 15 Years but less than 20 years) 41,600 or more .1231 32 working days (Approximately 20 or more Years) Annual leave is earned according to each biweekly pay period of service commencing with the hire date of his/her latest period of County employment.
Accrual Rates. Bargaining unit employees assigned to a 2,496-hour work year earn 144 hours of sick leave per year. Bargaining unit employees assigned to a 2,184-hour work year earn 126 hours of sick leave per year. Notwithstanding the accrual rate provided for above, employees in the bargaining unit who work a schedule of 2,080 hours in the work year earn 120 hours of sick leave per year.
Accrual Rates. Full-time employees shall accrue paid leave in accordance with the following schedule. Months of Completed Continuous Service Monthly Hours Accrued Total Paid Leave Hours Accrued/Year 1 - 24 months 16 hours 192 hours/year 25 - 60 months 18 hours 216 hours/year 61 - 120 months 20 hours 240 hours/year 121 - 180 months 22 hours 264 hours/year More than 180 months 24 hours 288 hours/year
Accrual Rates. All employees eligible under this Article shall earn and accumulate vacation leave as follows: July 1, 2015: Years of University Service Accrual Rate Bi-Weekly Payroll Maximum * Accumulation 0 through 5 years 3 minutes/hour 208 hours 6 through 8 years 3.75 minutes/hour 260 hours 9 through 12 years 5.25 minutes/hour 364 hours 13 through 20 years 5.65 minutes/hour 391.7 hours 21 through 25 years 6.0 minutes/hour 416 hours 26 through 30 years 6.375 minutes/hour 442 hours 31 plus years 6.75 minutes/hour 468 hours * Employees may exceed the “Maximum Accumulation” if they are earning extra vacation as a result of the conversion of sick leave hours per Article 7, Section 3. Employees shall accrue vacation leave for all hours worked, including regular and overtime hours, to a maximum of eighty (80) hours per pay period. Vacation leave may be used within the same pay period which it is earned. When any leave accumulation rate period of service ends within a pay period, the new vacation accrual rate starts the following pay period. New employees will immediately begin accumulating vacation. Such vacation leave shall be available for use by probationary employees with proper supervisory approval. Any employee who is about to lose vacation leave because they have been denied a vacation request made in accordance with a departments leave policy and will therefore reach the maximum accumulation, shall be entitled to take one
Accrual Rates. Employees Hired After 7-1-93. Full time employees hired after July 1, 1993 shall, during the first and second year of employment, accrue paid vacation leave at the rate of eight (8) hours for each calendar month of service completed. Applicable accrual rates for paid vacation leave after the first two