Chief Administrative Officer definition

Chief Administrative Officer or “CAO” means the administrative head of a municipality as appointed by Council under clause 86(2)(c) of the Municipal Government Act.
Chief Administrative Officer means any of the following:
Chief Administrative Officer means the General Manager or Chief Administrative Officer of the Authority, and which may, by resolution of the Authority, include the responsibilities of the Secretary-Treasurer if so designated by resolution of the Authority.

Examples of Chief Administrative Officer in a sentence

  • If deemed appropriate by the Chief Administrative Officer, committee reports will be accompanied by a staff report.

  • When a significant emergency or dangerous situation is confirmed to exist by a Campus Security Authority, the President, Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and/or Chief Financial Officer will take into account the safety of the community; determine what information to release; and begin the notification process without delay unless such notification will compromise efforts to assist a victim, respond to the emergency, or contain or mitigate the emergency.

  • The Director, Employee Health & Labour Relations or designate, and the Chief Administrative Officer, or their designate, will meet with the Grievance committee, the griever, and the Steward if necessary, within fifteen (15) working days of the receipt of the grievance.

  • GUIDING PRINCIPLESThe President, Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and/or Chief Financial Officer are responsible for determining when an emergency exists, which segments of the campus community to notify, and through which means, as well as coordinating with the Director of Human Resources, Director of Academic Programs, Director of Student Services and Development Director on the content of any messages.

  • AU004-2016 That the report from Karen Liew, Acting Director, Internal Audit, Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, dated January 12, 2016, to the Audit Committee Meeting of February 23, 2016, re: Quarterly Status of Management Action Plans – December 2015 be received.

More Definitions of Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer means the highest authority of the public body.
Chief Administrative Officer means the City employee holding that office or, if applicable, the successor to the authority or responsibility of such office;
Chief Administrative Officer means an individual responsible for directing the administration of a public agency. The term does not mean one or all of the individuals that make policy for a public agency;
Chief Administrative Officer means the chancellor of an institution or dean of a campus or their designees.
Chief Administrative Officer means an individual
Chief Administrative Officer means that term as defined in section 2b of the uniform budgeting and accounting act, 1968 PA 2, MCL 141.422b.