Section 8.5 Sample Clauses

Section 8.5. 14 Eligible employees who have given at least two (2) weeks written notification of termination shall be 15 entitled to payment for accrued vacation with their last regularly scheduled paycheck.
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Section 8.5. 31 The BPAC Coordinator will fill available work assignments for stage managers, stage crew members, 32 lighting technicians, sound technicians, ushers and ticket sellers based upon workers availability and the 33 technical skills and abilities needed for each specific event.
Section 8.5. 39 The seniority rights of the employee shall be lost for the following reasons: 40
Section 8.5. 14 Vacations shall be scheduled at the request of the employee unless such vacation would disrupt the 15 normal activities of the District. Full-year employees shall be permitted to use at least ten (10) 16 consecutive vacation days in the summer between the last and first student contact day.
Section 8.5. 31 Seniority rights shall be effective within the general job classification. As used in this Agreement, 32 general job classifications are those set forth in Article I, Section 1.4.
Section 8.5. Other paid leave shall be accumulated to the legal limit and shall be recorded and 11 taken in increments rounded out to the nearest quarter hour.
Section 8.5. 1. 37 Ten (10) workdays annually as per the following formula: 9/12 (or 75%) x 10 days, times 38 average hours worked per day in the previous year. Ten (10) month employees will be prorated 39 at 10/12 (or 83%). Eleven (11) days worked in any one calendar month shall count for a month 40 in vacation credit. 41 42 Section 8.5.2. 43 On completion of five (5) consecutive years of service, beginning with the start of the sixth 44 (6th) full year, an employee shall receive one (1) additional day paid vacation, prorated using
Section 8.5. 13 Employees assigned to perform the work of, or a shift regularly filled by, a higher classification 14 employee shall receive compensation equal to that normally received by an employee in the higher 15 classification.
Section 8.5. 34 Prior to the beginning of each school year, all events will be set by the supervisor, posted for bid by 35 seniority, and awarded no later than the first day of school. The District shall notify each bus driver in 36 writing before the last day of school as to the date, time, and location of the annual bid on events for 37 the following school year. Routes shall be re-evaluated prior to November 1 of each year. If there are 38 changes in route times, routes shall be reposted for bid by seniority and awarded no later than 39 November 1. Hours awarded at the second bid will be guaranteed for the remainder of the school year.
Section 8.5. 44 Seniority rights shall not be lost for the following reasons, without limitation: