Section 3.4.1 Sample Clauses

Section 3.4.1. The Credit Parties hereby acknowledge that Lenders and each of their Affiliates may sell or securitize all or any part of the Loans (a “Securitization”) through the pledge of all or any part of the Loans as collateral security for loans to such Lenders or their Affiliates or through the sale of all or any part of the Loans or the issuance of direct or indirect interests in all or any part of the Loans, which loans to such Lenders or their Affiliate or direct or indirect interests may be rated by Xxxxx’x, S&P or one or more other rating agencies (the “Rating Agencies”). The Credit Parties shall cooperate with such Lenders and their Affiliates to effect the Securitization, including by (a) amending this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, and executing such additional documents, as reasonably requested by such Lenders in connection with the Securitization, provided that (i) any such amendment or additional documentation does not impose additional costs (other than in a de minimis amount) on the Credit Parties, taken as a whole, and (ii) any such amendment or additional documentation does not adversely affect the rights (other than a de minimis effect of the rights), or increase the obligations (other than a de minimis increase of the obligations), of the Credit Parties, taken as a whole, under the Loan Documents or change or affect in a manner adverse to the Credit Parties, taken as a whole, the financial terms of the Loans, and (b) providing such information as may be reasonably requested by such Lenders in connection with the rating of the Loans or the Securitization.
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Section 3.4.1. 42 Upon the request of the employee, the supervisor shall meet with the employee to review the 43 annual evaluation.
Section 3.4.1. Each employee will pay the full amount of the required employee contribution to PERS and the Employer will pay the full amount of the required employer contribution to PERS, as provided in the Ohio Revised Code.
Section 3.4.1. Full-time bargaining unit employees are entitled to vacation with pay after six (6) months of continuous service with the Employer. The amount of vacation leave to which a full- time employee is entitled is based upon length of continuous service with the Employer as follows: One (1) Year of Service Two (2) weeks* 3.1 hrs. per pay period Two (2) Years of Service Three (3) weeks 4.6 hrs. per pay period Eight (8) Years of Service Four (4) weeks 6.2 hrs. per pay period Twenty-five (25) Years of Service Five (5) weeks 7.7 hrs. per pay period * Full-time employees are eligible to take one (1) week of vacation after six (6) continues months of service.
Section 3.4.1. All members of the bargaining unit shall receive an increase of four (4%) percent each year of the contract. The wages of bargaining unit employees shall be as follows: 5/22/2022 5/22/2023 5/22/2024 Bridge Worker I $26.29 $27.34 $28.43 Highway Worker I $21.33 $22.18 $23.07 Highway Worker II $24.94 $25.94 $26.98 Highway Worker III $27.56 $28.66 $29.81 Equipment Mechanic I $26.29 $27.34 $28.43 Equipment Mechanic II $27.56 $28.66 $29.81 Welder I $26.29 $27.34 $28.43 Welder II $27.56 $28.66 $29.81 Route Marker II/Operator I $27.56 $28.66 $29.81 Bridge Worker II $27.56 $28.66 $29.81 Bridge Xxxxxxx $28.69 $29.84 $31.03 Equipment Operator I $27.11 $28.19 $29.32 Equipment Operator II $27.56 $28.66 $29.81 Mechanical Stores Clerk / Highway Worker II $27.56 $28.66 $29.81 Welder II/Operator II $27.39 $28.49 $29.63 Maintenance Worker $20.80 $21.63 $22.50
Section 3.4.1. 44 At the written request of an employee submitted to the Human Resources Department, and only 45 upon approval by the Superintendent and the employee’s supervisor, all disciplinary material 46 contained in the personnel file shall be removed after two (2) years if the employee has not been 47 issued any subsequent disciplinary action. A request to remove disciplinary material from the 48 personnel file shall not be unreasonably denied. The decision of the Superintendent xxx
Section 3.4.1. Each Assignee shall execute and deliver to the Administrative Agent and the Borrower a counterpart joinder in the form of Exhibit M hereto and Assignor shall pay or caused to be paid to the Administrative Agent, solely for the account of the Administrative Agent, an assignment fee of $3,000. Upon the execution and delivery of such counterpart joinder, (A) such Assignee shall, on the date and to the extent provided in such counterpart joinder, become a "Lender" party to this Agreement for all purposes of this Agreement and shall have all the rights and obligations of a Lender with a Commitment as set forth in such counterpart joinder, and the transferor Lender shall, on the date and to the extent provided in such counterpart joinder, be released from its obligations hereunder to a corresponding extent (and, in the case of an assignment covering all of the remaining portion of an assigning Lender's rights and obligations under this Agreement, such transferor shall cease to be a party hereto but shall continue to be entitled to any fees accrued for its account hereunder and not yet paid), (B) the Borrower shall issue to such Assignee a Revolving Credit Note in the amount of such Assignee's Commitment and a Competitive Bid Note in the amount equal to the Commitment 50 143 Amount, each dated the Closing Date or such other date as may be specified by such Assignee and otherwise completed in substantially the form of Exhibit A-1 and Exhibit A-2, respectively; (C) the Administrative Agent shall distribute to the Borrower, the Lenders and such Assignee an amended Schedule 1 hereto reflecting such changes, and (D) this Agreement shall be deemed appropriately amended to reflect (i) the status of such Assignee as a party hereto and (ii) the status and rights of the Lenders and Administrative Agent hereunder.
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Section 3.4.1. No such pledge or enforcement thereof shall release Lender from its obligations under any of the Loan Documents.
Section 3.4.1. 1. 17 An employee may request in writing to the Director of Human Resources that derogatory 18 material be removed from his/her personnel file after two years if no additional incidents 19 have occurred. This does not apply to evaluation materials.
Section 3.4.1. 11 The parties recognize that an employee should have the option of declining to participate as a 12 Union member, yet contribute financially to the activities of the Union in representing him/her 13 as an employee in the collective bargaining unit. Therefore, as an alternative to, and in lieu of 14 membership requirements of Sections 3.4, an employee who declines membership in the Union 15 shall pay to the Union each month a service charge as a contribution towards the administration 16 of this Agreement in an amount equal to the current agency fee determined and certified by 17 PSE/SEIU Local 1948. This service charge shall be collected by the Union in the same manner 18 as monthly dues.
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