Detailed Project Report definition

Detailed Project Report or ‘‘DPR’’ means the detailed project report relating to Station Development Project and Redevelopment Project attached hereto;
Detailed Project Report or “DPR” means the detailed design and engineering report for the Project, as indicated in the Article-6;
Detailed Project Report shall have the same meaning as ascribed to it under Development Agreement;

Examples of Detailed Project Report in a sentence

  • The consultant will indemnify for any direct loss or damage that accrue due to deficiency in services in carrying out Detailed Project Report.

  • Availability of few key personnel engaged for preparation of Detailed Project Report for the envisaged project may be ensured during first 3 to 4 months after start of the civil work at site during the period of survey and review of DPR by the Supervision consultant/Authority Engineer.

  • The draft Agreement and the Feasibility / Detailed Project Report provided by the Authority as part of the BID Documents shall be deemed to be part of this RFP.

  • The Feasibility Report / Detailed Project Report of the Project is being provided only as a preliminary reference document by way of assistance to the Bidders who are expected to carry out their own surveys, investigations and other detailed examination of the Project before submitting their Bids.

  • Submission of Detailed Project Report (DPR) within 30 (thirty) days from the date of issuance of Letter of Award (LoA) by APIIC.

More Definitions of Detailed Project Report

Detailed Project Report. / ‘‘DPR’’ means the detailed project report submitted to the Authority by the Selected Project Proponent for Station Development Project and Redevelopment Project, provided at Volume II;
Detailed Project Report or “DPR” shall mean the project report prepared by the Seller and approved by the Nodal Agency;
Detailed Project Report or "DPR" means the detailed design and engineering report for the Project which shall be prepared by the Licensee based on specification (as per Schedule C), as indicated in the Clause 14.3;
Detailed Project Report means the Detailed Project Report submitted by the selected Bidder/Consortium at the time of bidding and any revisions thereof and forming part hereof as Schedule B
Detailed Project Report means the conceptual and detailed designs, plans, backup technical information required for the Project and all calculations, samples, patterns, models, specifications and other technical information relating thereto based on which the Developer is required to construct the Project Facilities.
Detailed Project Report means the base document for planning the project and implementing the project;]
Detailed Project Report means a report for a project not specifically authorized by Congress in law or otherwise that determines the feasi- bility of the project with a level of detail appro- priate to the scope and complexity of the rec- ommended solution and sufficient to proceed di- rectly to the preparation of contract plans and specifications. The term includes any associated environmental impact statement and mitigation plan. For a project for which the Federal cost does not exceed $1,000,000, the term includes a planning and design analysis document.