Final Completion definition

Final Completion means acceptance of the Work by the County as evidenced by its signature upon Final Certificate of Completion and approval thereof by the Board of County Commissioners. The Final Certificate of Completion shall be signed only after the County has assured itself by tests, inspection or otherwise that all of the provisions of the Contract have been carried out to its satisfaction.
Final Completion means that the Work is fully and finally complete in accordance with the Contract Documents, as more fully set forth in Section 6.09 A.

Examples of Final Completion in a sentence

  • Results of completed inspection will form the basis of requirements for Final Completion.

  • Certified List of Incomplete Items: Final submittal at Final Completion.

  • Punch List and Final Completion: Include not more than 30 days for completion of punch list items and final completion.

  • Milestones: Include milestones indicated in the Contract Documents in schedule, including, but not limited to, the Notice to Proceed, Substantial Completion, and Final Completion.

  • Final Completion of the Work as a whole is the date on which the last element or part of the Work completed receives a Final Completion certificate.

More Definitions of Final Completion

Final Completion means the completion of all the Work in accordance with the Contract Documents and the acceptance thereof by the University. Completion of the Work includes (1) full performance of all Contract terms; (2) acceptance of the Work by University; (3) resolution of all outstanding Changes of Contract; (4) completion of all “punch-listitems; and (5) delivery of all Close-out Documents.
Final Completion means that all Work and all other obligations under this Agreement (except for that Work and obligations that survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement, including obligations for Warranties and correction of Defective Work pursuant to Section 12.3 and any other obligations covered under Section 11.6), are fully and completely performed in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, including: (i) the achievement of Substantial Completion; (ii) the completion of all Punchlist items; (iii) delivery by Contractor to Owner of a fully executed Final Conditional Lien and Claim Waiver in the form of Schedule K-5, Exhibits K-5-1 and K-5-2; (iv) delivery by Contractor to Owner of all documentation required to be delivered under this Agreement as a prerequisite of achievement of Final Completion, including Record Drawings; (v) removal from the Site of all of Contractor’s, Subcontractors’ and Sub-subcontractors’ personnel, supplies, waste, materials, rubbish, and temporary facilities; (vi) delivery by Contractor to Owner of fully executed Final Conditional Lien and Claim Waivers from all Lien Waiver Subcontractors in the form in Schedule K-7, Exhibits K-7-1 and K-7-2; (vii) fully executed Final Conditional Lien and Claim Waivers from Major Sub-subcontractors in a form substantially similar to the form in Schedule K-7, Exhibits K-7-1 and K-7-2; (viii) delivery by Contractor to Owner of a Final Completion Certificate in the form of Attachment N and as required under Section 11.6; (ix) Contractor has, pursuant to Section 3.4, delivered to the Project all Operating Spare Parts required by the Operating Spare Parts List to be delivered to the Project prior to Final Completion; and (x) if pursuant to Section 11.4A Substantial Completion was achieved without Contractor having achieved the Performance Guarantee, Contractor has achieved the Performance Guarantee or has paid the applicable Performance Liquidated Damages.
Final Completion means that the Trade Contractor has satisfactorily completed all of the Trade Contractor Work in strict conformity with the requirements of the Trade Contract Agreement, the Trade Contractor Work has been finally accepted by the Authority and the Trade Contractor’s submission of and the Authority’s approval of the Trade Contractor’s Final Application for Payment.
Final Completion means the Facility is fully operational and reliable, at or greater than the Required Percentage of the Expected Nameplate Capacity Rating, and fully interconnected, fully integrated, and synchronized with the Transmission Provider's System, modified if necessary to reflect the Nameplate Capacity Rating and, if applicable, through completion of all the items set forth on the Final Completion Schedule.
Final Completion means, with respect to any specified work, the final completion of all such work, including the performance of all “punch listitems, as confirmed by an Officer’s Certificate and, with respect to any Material Alteration or Material Expansion, a certificate of the Independent Architect, if applicable.
Final Completion shall be achieved when the Owner reasonably determines that the following conditions have been met: