Substantial Completion definition

Substantial Completion means the stage in the progress of the work as determined and certified by the Contracting Officer in writing to the Contractor, on which the work (or a portion designated by the Government) is sufficiently complete and satisfactory. Substantial completion means that the property may be occupied or used for the purpose for which it is intended, and only minor items such as touch-up, adjustments, and minor replacements or installations remain to be completed or corrected which:
Substantial Completion means the date determined and certified by Contractor, A/E, and Owner when the Work, or a designated portion thereof, is sufficiently complete, in accordance with the Contract, so as to be operational and fit for the use intended.
Substantial Completion means that the Work has progressed to the stage where the entire project, including mechanical, electrical, and equipment installations, can be occupied or used by the Owner for its intended purpose, and when any remaining work can be done without interfering with the Owner's use and formal instruction on all major equipment operation and maintenance, both verbal and written, along with as-built reproducible drawings have been given. The Owner will notify the Contractor, in writing, the date of substantial completion has been reached, based on the recommendation of the Architect or Engineer.

Examples of Substantial Completion in a sentence

  • Within 30 additional calendar days after Substantial Completion, all outstanding issues shall be addressed and ready for final payment.

  • The Buyer Contract Manager shall not have the authority to amend or waive any terms of this Agreement or to execute any Change Order; provided, however, that the Buyer Contract Manager shall have the authority to authorize a Change Notice as provided in Section 8.2 or a Change Order that modifies the scope of the Work but does not result in a modification to the Guaranteed Substantial Completion Date, the Substantial Completion Termination Trigger Date, the Closing Expiration Date, or the Purchase Price.

  • Within four days of Substantial Completion, all material of every description must be gathered up from the streets, sidewalks, boulevards and grass plots, and removed therefrom.

  • Nothing in this Paragraph fixes any liquidated damages as to XXxX’x breach of any other term, covenant, or condition of this Contract; these provisions apply only as to the failure to achieve Substantial Completion within the time required.

  • The Works shall be at the risk of the Contractor until fifty-five (55) calendar days after Substantial Completion of the Contract and the Contractor shall indemnify the City for all loss or damage to the Works occurring by any cause (including storm, fire, floods, ground movement and earthquakes) prior to that day which is fifty-five (55) calendar days after Substantial Completion.

More Definitions of Substantial Completion

Substantial Completion means the completion of the Work by the Contractor to the point where the County may make beneficial use of the Work.
Substantial Completion means the stage in the progress of the Work when the Work or designated portion thereof is sufficiently complete in accordance with the Contract Documents so the University can occupy or utilize the Work for its intended use. Substantial Completion shall only be determined as described in the Contract Documents.
Substantial Completion means the written determination by the Commissioner that all required construction work for the Project is substantially complete.
Substantial Completion means the written determination by the Engineer that the Work required under this Contract is substantially, but not entirely, complete and the approval of the Final Approved Punch List.
Substantial Completion including variations thereof such as “Substantially Complete” and “Substantially Completed” shall mean: (i) the Company and the Contractor have issued a certificate of substantial completion in form and substance satisfactory to Buyer certifying that the Hotel has been constructed substantially in accordance with the Plans and Specifications and the Legal Requirements, (ii) a certificate of occupancy authorizing the opening of the Hotel for business to the public and for operation under the Brand has been issued by the local governing authority and is in full force and effect, (iii) all other final and unconditional consents, approvals, licenses and operating permits necessary or appropriate for the Hotel to open for business to the public and to operate under the Brand have been issued by and obtained from all applicable governmental and regulatory authorities, subject to Punch List Items; (iv) the Hotel is fully furnished, fitted and equipped and ready to open for business to the public and operate under the Brand, subject to Punch List Items; (iii) all contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, mechanics, materialmen and other persons or entities providing labor or materials for the construction and development of the Hotel shall have been paid (or adequate provision for payment of such persons or entities, which is not required to be an actual escrow of funds, has been made to Buyer’s reasonable satisfaction), subject to Punch List Items and (iv) the Franchisor has approved the completion, furnishing and equipping of the Hotel and is prepared to commence (or authorize the commencement of) operation of the Hotel, and all of the other conditions set forth in the Management Agreement and the Franchise Agreement have been satisfied, subject to Punch List Items.
Substantial Completion means that stage in the progression of the Work when the Work is sufficiently complete in accordance with this Agreement that the Owner can enjoy beneficial use or occupancy of the Work and can utilize the Work for its intended purpose.
Substantial Completion means that the Equipment has been installed, placed in satisfactory operating condition, and tested, and the value of the Work remaining to be performed by the Contractor is, in the estimate of the Owner, less than five percent (5%) of the original Contract Price.