Definition of Landlord's Work

Landlord's Work means work to be performed by Landlord at or prior to the Commencement Date as set forth in a prior written agreement between the parties.
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Landlord's Work means none. (j) "Liability Insurance Amount" shall mean $1,000,000. (k) "Percentage" shall mean 10%.
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Examples of Landlord's Work in a sentence

Landlords Representative shall be the sole persons authorized to direct Landlords contractors in the performance of Landlords Work.
Neither Tenant nor Tenants Representative shall be authorized to direct Landlords contractors in the performance of Landlords Work (as hereinafter defined).
Landlord shall thereafter submit to Tenant in writing, within 5 business days of receipt of the Change Request (or such longer period of time as is reasonably required depending on the extent of the Change Request), an analysis of the additional cost or savings involved, including, without limitation, architectural and engineering costs and the period of time, if any, that the Change will extend the date on which Landlords Work will be Substantially Complete.
If any Governmental Authority having jurisdiction over the construction of Landlords Work or any portion thereof shall impose terms or conditions upon the construction thereof that: (i) are inconsistent with Landlords obligations hereunder, (ii) increase the cost of constructing Landlords Work, or (iii) will materially delay the construction of Landlords Work, Landlord and Tenant shall reasonably and in good faith seek means by which to mitigate or eliminate any such adverse terms and conditions.
Any such delay in the completion of Landlords Work caused by a Change, including any suspension of Landlords Work while any such Change is being evaluated and/or designed, shall be Tenant Delay.