Landlord’s Work definition

Landlord’s Work means the work of constructing the Tenant Improvements.
Landlord’s Work means (a) installation of a sliding or roll-up glass door (the “Door”) to be used for shipping and receiving purposes in accordance with plans and specifications provided by Tenant, subject to Landlord’s approval, (b) installation of demising walls to separate the Premises from the balance of the Building, (c) installation of separate meters or submeters for water and electricity provided to the Premises (provided that (i) Tenant shall have dedicated space in an electrical room in the Premises for any such meter or submeter, (ii) Landlord shall be responsible for reading any such meters and submeters and quantifying Tenant’s use of such utilities for purposes of Tenant’s reimbursement of the cost of such utilities to Landlord and (iii) Tenant shall provide to Landlord reasonable access to such meters and submeters for the purpose of Landlord’s reading thereof), (d) installation of direct digital controls to measure air flow to the Premises from the HVAC system and (e) any work required to cause the Building heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, plumbing system and electrical system (collectively, the “Relevant Systems”) to be in good working order and repair as of the Term Commencement Date. In the event that the Relevant Systems are not in good working order and repair as of the Term Commencement Date, Landlord shall make any repairs and material capital replacements to such Relevant Systems at Landlord’s sole cost and expense; provided that such obligation shall not extend to customary maintenance or capital improvements. Landlord shall use commercially reasonable efforts to order the Door once Landlord and Tenant have approved the specifications therefor. Notwithstanding anything in this Lease or the Work Letter to the contrary, in the event that, despite such efforts by Landlord, the timing of delivery of the Door prevents Landlord from timely completing Landlord’s Work, Tenant shall not be entitled to any remedies for such delay, including, without limitation, abatement of Rent, and Landlord shall, on or before the Term Commencement Date, install a temporary alternative to the Door that is reasonably satisfactory to Landlord and Tenant.
Landlord’s Work means all improvements, components, assemblies, installations, finish, labor, materials and services that Landlord is required to furnish, install, perform, provide or apply to the Premises as specified in the Work Letter.

Examples of Landlord’s Work in a sentence

  • Landlord’s Representative shall be the sole persons authorized to direct Landlord’s contractors in the performance of Landlord’s Work.

  • Neither Tenant nor Tenant’s Representative shall be authorized to direct Landlord’s contractors in the performance of Landlord’s Work (as hereinafter defined).

  • If any Governmental Authority having jurisdiction over the construction of Landlord’s Work or any portion thereof shall impose terms or conditions upon the construction thereof that: (i) are inconsistent with Landlord’s obligations hereunder, (ii) increase the cost of constructing Landlord’s Work, or (iii) will materially delay the construction of Landlord’s Work, Landlord and Tenant shall reasonably and in good faith seek means by which to mitigate or eliminate any such adverse terms and conditions.

  • Landlord shall thereafter submit to Tenant in writing, within 5 business days of receipt of the Change Request (or such longer period of time as is reasonably required depending on the extent of the Change Request), an analysis of the additional cost or savings involved, including, without limitation, architectural and engineering costs and the period of time, if any, that the Change will extend the date on which Landlord’s Work will be Substantially Complete.

  • Any such delay in the completion of Landlord’s Work caused by a Change, including any suspension of Landlord’s Work while any such Change is being evaluated and/or designed, shall be Tenant Delay.

More Definitions of Landlord’s Work

Landlord’s Work shall have the meaning set forth in Section 19.1 hereof.
Landlord’s Work means the work, if any, to be performed by Landlord to ready the Premises for Tenant's occupancy, as specified in the Scope of Work.
Landlord’s Work. As defined in Section 4.2.
Landlord’s Work means all work to be constructed by Landlord described in Sections 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 above.
Landlord’s Work shall have the meaning given in Exhibit C.
Landlord’s Work means the work of constructing the Tenant Improvements. Tenant shall be solely responsible for ensuring that the design and specifications for the Tenant Improvements are consistent with Tenant’s requirements. Landlord shall be responsible for obtaining all permits, approvals and entitlements necessary for Landlord’s Work, but shall have no obligation to, and shall not, secure any permits, approvals or entitlements related to Tenant’s specific use of the Premises or Tenant’s business operations therein.
Landlord’s Work means: