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Fair Market Rent for the Subject Leased Property means for any Renewal Term shall mean an amount determined as follows: Landlord shall designate an independent MAI appraiser to determine the Fair Market Rent of the Subject Leased Property for the applicable Renewal Term within twenty (20) days after Tenant’s notice of its exercise of the applicable renewal option. Within thirty (30) days after selection of Landlord’s appraiser, Landlord shall notify Tenant of the determination made by Landlord’s appraiser with respect to the Fair Market Rent. Tenant shall then have ten (10) days to dispute such determination and to select its own independent MAI appraiser. In the event that Tenant fails to select its appraiser within such ten (10) day period, the determination of Landlord’s appraiser shall constitute such Fair Market Rent. Within ten (10) days after selection of Tenant’s appraiser, the two appraisers shall meet and attempt to agree as to the Fair Market Rent for the Subject Leased Property for the Renewal Term in question. In the event that such appraisers are unable to agree as to such Fair Market Rent then: (i) if the difference between the two determinations is less than five percent (5%) of the lower determination, then the average of the two determinations shall be deemed to constitute such Fair Market Rent; or (ii) if the difference between the two determinations is equal to or greater than five percent (5%) of the lower determination, then the two appraisers shall jointly select a third independent MAI appraiser, which appraiser shall select which of the determinations of the first two appraisers shall constitute such Fair Market Rent. Such third appraiser shall not have the right to vary or modify the determinations of the appraisers selected by Landlord and Tenant. Any appraiser selected pursuant to this paragraph must have at least ten (10) years experience in appraising commercial real estate in the area in which the Subject Leased Property is located. The appraisers shall not have the right to amend, modify or vary any of the terms of this Lease and the determination of the appraisers in accordance with this paragraph shall be final, binding and conclusive upon Landlord and Tenant. ]
Fair Market Rent means the fair market rent for each rental
Fair Market Rent means the fair market rent for each rental area

Examples of Fair Market Rent in a sentence

  • Recommendation: We request that OHS adopt a standard allowance that could be used as a simplified excessive housing cost proxy, based on HUD Fair Market Rent housing costs (40 percent of an area’s median rental housing costs).

  • For example, using a Fair Market Rent proxy for Boston, Massachusetts, would allow three-person families to qualify for Head Start with incomes up to about$35,000 instead of $24,860.

  • We note that the NPRM expands the use of valid proxies for the community assessment, and that HUD’s Fair Market Rent data is well-established and used in a range of contexts.Adopting a localized excess housing cost proxy will reduce the potential for error both on the part of programs as well as applying families.

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Fair Market Rent means the Base Rent, expressed as an annual rent per square foot of floor area, which Landlord would have received from leasing the Premises for the Extension Term to an unaffiliated person which is not then a tenant in the Project, assuming that such space were to be delivered in "as-is" condition, and taking into account the rental which such other tenant would most likely have paid for such premises, including market escalations but excluding improvements installed in the Premises at the sole cost and expense of Tenant, provided that Fair Market Rent shall not in any event be less than the Base Rent for the Premises as of the expiration of the Lease Term. Fair Market Rent shall not be reduced by reason of any costs or expenses saved by Landlord by reason of Landlord's not having to find a new tenant for the Premises (including without limitation brokerage commissions, cost of improvements necessary to prepare the space for such tenant's occupancy, rent concession, or lost rental income during any vacancy period). Fair Market Rent means only the rent component defined as Base Rent in the Lease and does not include reimbursements and payments by Tenant to Landlord with respect to Operating Expenses and other items payable or reimbursable by Tenant under the Lease. In addition to its obligation to pay Base Rent (as determined herein), Tenant shall continue to pay and reimburse Landlord as set forth in the Lease with respect to such operating expenses and other items with respect to the Premises during the Extension Term. The arbitration process described below shall be limited to the determination of the Base Rent and shall not affect or otherwise reduce or modify the Tenant's obligation to pay or reimburse Landlord for such operating expenses and other reimbursable items.
Fair Market Rent means the Base Monthly Rent determined pursuant to the process described below. In no event, however, shall any adjustment of Base Monthly Rent pursuant to this paragraph result in a decrease of the Base Monthly Rent for the Leased Premises below the amount due from Tenant for the
Fair Market Rent means the fixed annual rent that a willing lessee would pay and a willing lessor would accept for the Premises during the Renewal Term, taking into account all relevant factors.
Fair Market Rent or "FMR" means the rent including the cost of utilities (except telephone or cable television), as established by HUD for units of varying sizes (by number of bedrooms), that must be paid in the housing market area to rent privately owned, existing, decent, safe and sanitary rental housing of modest (non-luxury) nature with suitable amenities.
Fair Market Rent means the fair market value (or fair market rent, as applicable) of the Premises or applicable portion thereof on a specified date as agreed to by the parties, or failing such agreement within ten (10) days of such date, as established pursuant the following appraisal process. Each party shall within ten (10) days after written demand by the other select one MAI Appraiser to participate in the determination of Fair Market Value or Fair Market Rent, as applicable. For all purposes under this Master Lease, the Fair Market Value shall be the fair market value of the Premises or applicable portion thereof unencumbered by this Master Lease. Within ten (10) days of such selection, the MAI Appraisers so selected by the parties shall select a third (3rd)
Fair Market Rent shall be determined by Landlord, in its sole, but good faith, discretion based upon (a) the annual base rental rates then being charged in the industrial market sector of the geographic area where the Premises is situated for land only, without taking into account the value of any improvements thereon, which comparison land is utilized in a manner comparable to the then-applicable utilization of the Premises, (b) for a lease term commencing on or about the commencement date of the applicable Renewal Term and equal in duration to the applicable Renewal Term, and (c) taking into consideration: the geographic location, of the Premises; the extent of service to be provided to the proposed tenant thereunder; applicable distinctions between “gross” and “net” leases; the creditworthiness and quality of Tenant; leasing commissions; incentives being provided to tenants by landlords of comparable land in the geographic area in which the Premises is located; and any other relevant term or condition in making such evaluation, all as reasonably determined by Landlord. In no event, however (and notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in this Section 2.5), shall the Fair Market Rent be less than an amount equal to the Base Rent in effect during the one (1) year period immediately preceding the expiration date of the then-applicable term (the “Renewal Rent Floor”). Landlord shall notify Tenant of Landlord’s determination of Fair Market Rent for any Renewal Term, in writing (the “Base Rent Notice”) within sixty (60) days after receiving the applicable Renewal Notice.
Fair Market Rent means the effective rate being charged (including periodic adjustments thereto as applicable during the period of the Extended Term), for comparable space in similar buildings in the Project, i.e. of a similar age and quality considering any recent renovations or modernization, and floor plate size or, if such comparable space is not available, adjustments shall be made in the determination of Fair Market Rent to reflect the age and quality of the Building as contrasted to other buildings used for comparison purposes, with similar amenities, taking into consideration: size, location, floor level, leasehold improvements or allowances provided or to be provided, term of the lease, extent of services to be provided, the time that the particular rate under consideration became or is to become effective, and any other relevant terms or conditions applicable to both new and renewing tenants.