Office Buildings Sample Clauses

Office Buildings. (Subclause 3.2) Areas of facilities required are as follows :
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Office Buildings. A new defined term “Office Buildings” is hereby added as follows:
Office Buildings. Bellville Provincial Building-60 Voortrekker road, Bellville • Bellville Customer Service Xxx-00 Xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx, Xxxxxxxxx • Brackenfell Complex-Escom road, Brackenfell • La Montagne • Peaking Offices
Office Buildings. The Office Buildings to be constructed on the North Parcel Lot by the Landlord, as shown on the Project Drawings and Specifications, such buildings being hereinafter referred to individually as the "East Building" and the "West Building". OPERATING COST BASE YEAR: Calendar Year 2001. ORIGINAL TERM: Ten (10) years. PARKING GARAGE: The parking garage located in the South Building on the South Parcel Lot, as shown on the Project Drawings and Specifications. PERMITTED USES: General business office and uses customarily accessory thereto. PREMISES: The area within the Office Buildings to be leased by the Tenant hereunder, consisting of a portion of the second floor of the East Building as shown on the Project Drawings and Specifications and on the Premises Plan appended hereto as Exhibit B. The street address of the East Building will --------- be 00 Xxxxx Xxxxxx. The address for the Premises will be Suite 200 of the street address for the East Building.
Office Buildings. 5) Retail stores with only one (1) meter under two (2”) inches in diameter.
Office Buildings. Construction in $ 24 -- Various Various Lesser of lease term to 5 years 10 to 30 years Progress............. -- 2000 -- Timberlands............ 47 Various 20 years North Carolina Land w/infrastructure..... -- Various -- Leasehold improvements......... 5 Various Lesser of lease term to 5 years Virginia Office Buildings....... -- 1999 10 to 30 years Leasehold improvements......... 49 Various Lesser of lease term to 5 years Tennessee Unimproved Land........ -- Various -- Texas Office Buildings....... 156 1998 10 to 30 years Construction in Progress............. 404 1999 -- District of Columbia Leasehold improvements......... 24 Various Lesser of lease term to 5 years ------ Totals........... $6,554 ====== --------------- Notes:
Office Buildings. The first residential building (a seven story residential apartment with retail space on the first floor) and the first office building (a two story office building housing a Montessori School and the City’s Social Services Department) have now gained certificates of occupancy as of April 15th, 2019. XXXX now wants to move onto the next 2 buildings. The residential building was planned as an Assisted Living Facility and the Office Building was planned as a 45K square foot office building. EMSI has since notified the City that the market does not support an Assisted Living Residential Building and has requested permission from the Governing Body to develop another seven story residential apartment building instead. As part of the request, XXXX is proposing to build the 45K square foot office building and a nearly 7K square foot restaurant in Lot 2A (see Attachment 1) located on the parcel immediately east of the Yappie Cuttery Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital across the street from the Palisades Apartment on Manassas Drive; both concurrently with the amended residential building. EMSI and City Staff have reached an agreement on a draft Amendment to the Purchase and Sale Agreement of 2012 to incorporate these changes (see Attachment 2) and are now seeking Governing Body approval. The agreement ensures that the City will see the benefits of the 45K square foot office building and a 7K square foot restaurant in our downtown and not just another residential building alone. STAFF RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends that the Governing Body approve the attached First Amendment to Purchase and Sales Agreement and authorize the Mayor to Sign.
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Office Buildings. Xxxxxxx Service Center Lands in CONVERSE County, State of WYOMING Lots 6,7,8,9,16,17,18 and 19, in Tract 11, Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx and Xxxxxxxx Tracts, Converse County, Wyoming. Pendleton Service Center Lands in UMATILLA County, State of OREGON A tract of land in the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 0, Xxxxxxxx 0 Xxxxx, Xxxxx 00 Xxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx of Umatilla, State of Oregon, said tract being the Westerly 340.00 feet, measured along the Northerly and Southerly property lines of the following described property: Beginning at a point in the North and South centerline of said Section 5, marked by an 8-inch concrete monument, 580.75 feet Northerly from the South Quarter corner of said Section, which is also the point at which the Northerly right of way of U.S. Highway No. 30 intersects said North and South centerline; thence North 0 degrees 49’ West 300 feet along said North and South centerline to a point marked by an iron pin; thence South 80 degrees 19’ East 1000.00 feet to a point marked by an iron pin; thence South 0 degrees 49’ East 269.10 feet to a point, marked by an iron pin on the Northerly right of way line of said X.X. Xxxxxxx Xx. 00; thence North 80 degrees 19’ West 48.34 feet along said Northerly right of way line; thence South 9 degrees 41’ West 30.00 feet along said Northerly right of way line, which right of way line is a right angles to the centerline of said U.S. Highway at Station 127+00 thereof; thence North 80 degrees 19’ West 946.51 feet, more or less, and along said Northerly right of way line to the Point of Beginning; EXCEPTING THEREFROM any portion of U.S. Highway No. 30.
Office Buildings. Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1 – 2010) (the “2010 Office Standard”), if the Premises comprise a portion of the leasable area of the Building. 1003357-4 115526615:v9
Office Buildings. Madras Service Center Lands in JEFFERSON County, State of OREGON Tax Lots 804 and 1401, located at 0000 XX Xxxx Xxxxxx in the City of Madras.
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