Market Area definition

Market Area means any location or geographic area within 75 miles of a location where the Company or its Affiliates conducts Business, or has plans to conduct Business of which Executive is aware, during the Employment Period.
Market Area means the Redwood Shores submarket of Redwood City, California (the “City”).

Examples of Market Area in a sentence

  • Address any local perceptions of crime or problems in the Primary Market Area.

  • Provide a description of employment by industry sector for the Primary Market Area or smallest geographic area available that includes the Primary Market Area and compare the data to the larger geographic area, e.g. the city, county, labor market area, or MSA.

  • Void outside the Designated Market Area and where prohibited unless otherwise determined by the Company.

  • If relevant, comment on the availability of affordable housing for employees of businesses and industries that draw from the Primary Market Area.

  • Provide information or statistics on crime in the Primary Market Area relative to data for the overall area.

More Definitions of Market Area

Market Area means: (a) Texas, Loving, Reeves, Culberson, Pecos, Ward, Winkler counties in the State of Texas; (b) Lea and Eddy counties in the State of New Mexico; (c) Wise County, Texas (for so long as a member of the Company Group owns or leases any assets within such county); and (d) any other county in which any member of the Company Group conducts Business during the Employment Period.
Market Area means any geographic or market area in which the Company is conducting or has conducted any material amount of oil and gas exploration and production activities during the Initial Term, as extended; and
Market Area means the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, and any other geographical area in which the company intends to conduct Business (to the extent Employee is aware of and involved in the development or the expansion of such Business) as of the Termination Date.
Market Area means: (A) the geographic area within a 100-mile radius of any office or other facility of the Company or an Affiliate or any work site (including any project site, customer office or any other facility owned, operated, serviced or managed by a member of the Company Group) where Participant worked or for which Participant had direct or indirect responsibility during the period of Participant’s employment with the Company or any of its Affiliates; and (B) those geographic areas set forth on Schedule 5(d)(viii) hereto.
Market Area means any state or province in which the Employer or its Affiliates have provided goods or services within the twelve months prior to the later of the last day of the Restricted Period or the Expiration Date.
Market Area for purposes of clauses (a) and (b) above shall be an area encompassed within a twenty-five (25) mile radius surrounding any place of business of the Employer (existing or planned as of the Date of Termination), and for clause (c), shall mean the United States of America. The foregoing provisions shall not be deemed to prohibit (i) Executive’s ownership, not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the outstanding shares, of capital stock of any corporation whose securities are publicly traded on a national or regional securities exchange or in the over-the-counter market or (ii) Executive serving as a director of other corporations and entities to the extent these directorships do not inhibit the performance of his duties hereunder or conflict with the business of the Employer.