Accounting for Sample Clauses

Accounting for give reckoning of; explain; monitor; audit; authorise payment of invoices from committed expenditures - covers receipts as well as expenditures. Accountable for - bound to give account for; commit expenditure. Handling/processing - must be an active responsibility, for example, checking invoices and cheques, or electronic payments, against other documentation to identify errors; but excluding the mechanical printing of cheques, without any checking process (the responsibility for printing equipment and materials should be considered under Responsibility for Physical Resources).

Related to Accounting for

  • Accounting Format Applications for Payment shall be broken down by CSI Category and, in certain situations, by CSI Description and capital asset category, as set forth in the form for Application for Payment. The purpose is to provide appropriate backup documents for the Contractor’s Final Certification of Costs in conformance with GASB 34 accounting standards. See Section 7 – Forms, “Application for Payment” and Final Certification of Costs.

  • Accounting System Maintain a system of accounting that enables Borrowers to produce financial statements in accordance with GAAP and maintain records pertaining to the Collateral that contain information as from time to time reasonably may be requested by Agent. Borrowers also shall keep an inventory reporting system that shows all additions, sales, claims, returns, and allowances with respect to the Inventory.

  • Accounting Unless otherwise specified herein, for the purpose of any definition or calculation, whenever amounts are required to be netted, subtracted or added or any distributions are taken into account such definition or calculation and any related definitions or calculations shall be determined without duplication of such functions.

  • Accounting Methods Modify or change its method of accounting (other than as may be required to conform to GAAP) or enter into, modify, or terminate any agreement currently existing, or at any time hereafter entered into with any third party accounting firm or service bureau for the preparation or storage of Borrower's accounting records without said accounting firm or service bureau agreeing to provide Lender information regarding the Collateral or Borrower's financial condition.

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting 6.1. The Bank shall maintain separate records and ledger accounts in respect of the Contributions deposited in the Trust Fund account and disbursements made therefrom.