Work Stoppage Sample Clauses

Work Stoppage. There has not been, and there is not currently, any labour trouble which is adversely effecting or could adversely effect, in a material manner, the conduct of the business of the Corporation or any Subsidiary.
Work Stoppage. During the term of this Agreement, there will be no strike, work stoppage, or concerted effort to fail to report for work, or loss of work days for any unauthorized reasons. During the term of this Agreement, the Board will not lock out employees in the bargaining unit.
Work Stoppage. There shall be no stoppage of work on the part of the Unions nor shall there be any lockout by the employers during the submission of any such dispute or grievance to the LMCC, or pending its decision. This is not to be construed to mean the District Council No. 36 cannot stop its members from continuing a violation of this Agreement. This section shall not apply to any employer whose Shop Card has not been issued or whose Shop Card has been suspended or revoked.
Work Stoppage. There has not been, and there is not currently, any labour trouble which is having a Material Adverse Effect or could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.
Work Stoppage. In accordance with Section 1 of Public Act 336 of 1947, State of Michigan, as amended, and in keeping with the high standards of the profession, the Association agrees that upon execution of this Agreement and for the duration thereof, it shall refrain from any work stoppage for any purpose.
Work Stoppage. It is mutually agreed and understood that during the period this Agreement is in force and effect the Union will not authorize or engage in any strike, slowdown, or work stoppage. Represented employees are also bound by the above.
Work Stoppage. There shall be no strikes of any kind, slowdowns, or other work stoppages on the part of employees or the union during the term of this agreement. There shall be no lockouts by the employer during the term of this agreement.
Work Stoppage. The Employer and the Union agree that the public interest requires the efficient and uninterrupted performance of all City services and to this end, pledge their best efforts to avoid or eliminate any conduct contrary to this objective. The Union shall not cause or condone and the employees shall not engage in any work stoppage, strike, slowdown or other interference with the City functions and should same occur, the Union agrees to take appropriate steps to end such interference.