Water System Sample Clauses

Water System. The Developer agrees to pay the cost of a State of Tennessee approved potable water system, including, without limitation: water mains, fire hydrants, valves, service lines, and accessories, located within the Project, and water mains, fire hydrants, valves, service lines, and accessories, located outside the Project but required to serve the Project. The Developer acknowledges that the Town does not provide water service and will not accept any water system infrastructure. The Developer agrees to bear the cost of all engineering, inspection, and laboratory costs incurred by Developer incidental to the water service system in or to the Project.
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Water System. 1. Minimum size for all water mains shall be 8-inches except where the water main is permanently dead ended with no future potential for extension, is less than 300 feet in length, and does not include a fire hydrant.
Water System. The maintenance of the Wildwood potable water system will be the responsibility of the Park Manager. The Park Manager will ensure that the following inspections are completed and documented:
Water System a. The water supply system and hoses carrying water must be constructed with approved food- contact materials and must be installed to preclude the backflow of contaminants into the potable water supply. (§§ 5.205.12; 5- 301.11; 5-302.11; 5-302.14; 5-302.15; 5-302.16)
Water System. Water service to all sites is generally operational from April to mid October for the use of park clients. The system is dependent on current weather conditions that are sadly beyond the control of Park Management. The maintenance staff cannot foretell an emergency shut down due to water breaks or cold weather and therefore cannot always give notice. Please be assured that the staff has your best interests in mind and we always strive to make repairs as quickly as possible. Water to your site comes from our own xxxxx and there is a limit to the amount available. Washing of trailers is only permitted on weekdays during the early spring. It is not possible to allow you to wash your trailer on weekends at anytime. Please do not wash the sidewalk, patio or your car in the campground. Trailers that wish to have dishwashers/washing machines will be subject to an additional charge ($50.00). Campers found to abuse the water system may be asked to leave the campground. All potable water is treated and tested in accordance with Ontario Regulation 319/08. For any information on testing results please ask at the Office. Sewage Park sewage is treated throughout the park and is managed by Cedar Beach Resort Ltd. The system is designed to handle human waste and is not intended for items such as feminine products, condoms, or grease. Abuse of these rules can severely damage the park system and cause backups that nobody enjoys. Customers disposing of grease and animal fats into the septic system maybe held libel for all repairs. Please ensure that you are sewer wise and only flush human products. Abuse will not be tolerated.
Water System. A water system capable of supplying hot and cold water to the Licensed Premises and the washrooms serving the Licensed Premises.
Water System. Installation of an operational public water distribution system in accordance with the approved plans, including service laterals. House connections are not included.
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Water System. Water Treatment Plant personnel and Water Meter Service workers (or their equivalent job classifications)
Water System. The City owns all, right, title and interest in and to the assets of the Water System.
Water System. The City shall not, and to the extent within its power and authority shall not permit the Authority or the Corporation to, construct, operate or maintain, or permit any other public or private corporation, political subdivision, district or agency or any Person whatsoever to construct, operate or maintain, within the City or any part thereof, any system or utility competitive with the Water System. The City shall comply with the requirements of Section 6.15 of the Agreement.
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