Water System Sample Clauses

Water System. 1. Minimum size for all water mains shall be 8-inches except where the water main is permanently dead ended with no future potential for extension, is less than 300 feet in length, and does not include a fire hydrant.
Water System. The central water system constructed or to be constructed by the Declarant, as said system may at any time be improved, or otherwise altered, shall be the sole water system for the Development. No owner shall install or use any alternative system or method of water supply. The Declarant reserves the right to allow the Central Water System to be owned by a private water company, or a non-profit development authority or corporation or to a property owners association which may make application, if applicable, to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for a Certification of Public Convenience to furnish water service to the owners in the Development. The Declarant reserves the sole option to determine the entity to eventually own and operate the central water system. Vol.452 Pg 281 If the central water system is eventually owned by a private water company, water rates and connection charges will be determined after completion of the system, and subject to the approval of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.
Water System. The City shall not, and to the extent within its power and authority shall not permit the Authority or the Corporation to, construct, operate or maintain, or permit any other public or private corporation, political subdivision, district or agency or any Person whatsoever to construct, operate or maintain, within the City or any part thereof, any system or utility competitive with the Water System. The City shall comply with the requirements of Section 6.15 of the Agreement.
Water System. The City owns all, right, title and interest in and to the assets of the Water System.
Water System. Developer shall, consistent with governmental requirements as of the date hereof, design and build onsite and offsite secondary water facilities, including water sources and storage and distribution facilities, of sufficient size to serve the Project, in accordance with the Secondary Water Master Plan. The facilities required to provide secondary water within a subdivision or Village Plan area shall be constructed and installed concurrently with the construction of other improvements in such subdivision or Village Plan area. The Parties agree that Developer will not be subject to any impact fees in connection with the secondary water System Improvements constructed or provided by Developer. All facilities necessary to provide a secondary water system installed by Developer within the Project, upon acceptance by the City, shall be owned, operated, and maintained by the City in accordance with the City’s Standard Technical Specifications and Drawings.
Water System. The water system is very effective; however, it will clog up if improper material is flushed. DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper. No feminine products or diapers should be flushed at anytime. If it is found that feminine products or diapers have been flushed and clog the water system, you could be charged damages of up to two hundred US dollars (USD 200). Please ensure that only organic materials are run through the kitchen’s sink garbage disposal. Water is to be running while garbage disposal is engaged. If it is found that any non organic items have jammed the disposal, you could be charged damages of up to two hundred US dollars (USD 200)
Water System. Firethorn shall construct an entirely new water distribution system to serve the Property generally as shown on Attachment B attached hereto, including a 16-inch water main in Pioneers Boulevard from 85th Street to 95th Street adequate to loop all parts of the system serving the Property. The work, including a street grade study in Pioneers Boulevard to determine an acceptable location for installation of the main with respect to future street alignment and grades, shall be performed under the City’s Executive Order contract process. All costs to construct the new water distribution system and connect the Property to the City water system shall be borne by Firethorn, except that the City agrees to subsidize Firethorn for the cost of the 12-inch water main in excess of the equivalent cost of an 8-inch water main within sixty (60) days following completion of construction (except for the City’s fixed fee for engineering services). The City agrees to reimburse Firethorn for the cost of the 16-inch water main in excess of the equivalent cost of an 8-inch water main from Directed Water Distribution Impact Fees from existing and new residences within the Property and any additional property developed which is served by such 16-inch water main. Reimbursement shall be subject to the following conditions:
Water System. Private water supply (well). Purchaser understands that this property, is or may be served by a private water supply (well) which may be susceptible to contamination and potentially harmful to health. If a public water supply is not available, the private water supply should be tested for coliforms, nitrates, and chlorides. Periodic testing is recommended.
Water System. If the Centralized Drug Testing machines require installation of a new water purification system, the cost of the installation and maintenance of the system is to be included in the bid. Vendor is responsible for all costs of the water supply system. Any maintenance contract with this system will be the responsibility of the vendor and included in the bid. As per the bid specifications - EMD Millipore is the preferred vendor for water; Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics will be providing a new Millipore Water system. The new water system includes installation, service, and training for Lucas County staff.
Water System. As each phase of the Greenbrier area of the Tanglewood Planned Development is constructed, Water service shall be extended to serve all units in such phase, and all units must connect to the Lyon Township water system when a home is built on such unit. Connection to the water system shall require payment of all applicable fees, charges, and assessments. The Developer shall extend the water main to the intersection of Nine Mile and Chubb Roads, pursuant to the Planned Development Plans, upon the first to occur of the following: