Water Main definition

Water Main means (subject to Section 219(2) of the 1991 Act) any pipe, not being a pipe for the time being vested in a person other than the water undertaker, which is used or to be used by a water undertaker or licensed water supplier for the purpose of making a general supply of water available to customers or potential customers of the undertaker or supplier, as distinct from for the purpose of providing a supply to particular customers;
Water Main means a pipe forming part of a public “water” distribution system, which conveys consumable “water” but not wastewater.
Water Main means any pipe or conduit of cast iron, steel or of any other material intended to conveyor distribute water;

Examples of Water Main in a sentence

  • Water & Sewer - Water and Sewer Projects and Grants, presenter,David Rambo, Superintendent of Water & Sewer, City of Peekskill• Award Hollowbrook Dam Bid• Accept Clean Water State Revolving Fund Grant (Sewer)• Approve RFQ for Engineer for WQIP (verbal)• Annual Dam Certifications• Storm Water Maintenance Contract 645 Main Street (verbal)• Water Main Easement (verbal)Agenda 1.

  • Labour intensive Large Water Users who believe a 5% discount may underestimate the proportion of their water which is used for human consumption may request to be treated on a case-by-case basis according to the following formula:Percentage discount = Number of FTE employees × (average daily water consumption per employee ×365)Total annual water consumption sourced from Public Water Main where the average daily water consumption per employee is assumed to be 22 litres.

  • Agreements for Temporary Construction Easement from multiple owners and land in connection with the Chandler Street SW and 20th Street SW Pavement and Water Main Improvements – Phase 2 project.

  • The project will consist of the installation of approximately 5,450 LF of 12" C900 PVC Water Main between East Sessoms Avenue and the intersection of Washington Avenue and E street areas.

  • From 19th May 2024, the SQR rebate will be paid to the First Mover Developer after the subsequent Developer connects to the Water Main and or Sewer extension.

More Definitions of Water Main

Water Main means a water supply pipe provided for public or community use.
Water Main means Water Supply pipes owned by, vested in or controlled by Irish Water but does not include pipes, fittings and appliances in respect of service Connections or Customer distribution Systems.
Water Main means any pipeline, except for user service lines, within the distribution system.
Water Main means a water pipe line owned and maintained by the Company, located in public rights-of-way or utility easements, which distributes water to the premises of one or more customers.
Water Main means any water pipe, line or portion thereof, owned or to be transferred for ownership by the District.
Water Main means a pipe owned or controlled by a supplier that may convey water to a customer service connection or to a fire hydrant.
Water Main means any water pipe, line or portion thereof, owned by the District.