Master Meter definition

Master Meter means the meter controlled by the licensed distributor and used for settlement of the master bill with the master consumer;
Master Meter means a meter used to measure the amount of gas supplied to the point at which delivery of the gas is made to the consumer;
Master Meter means a meter or other composite measurement device which a serving utility uses to bill a master meter operator.

Examples of Master Meter in a sentence

  • A Master Metered Contracting Jurisdiction shall be charged the Wholesale Rate for all Toledo Water delivered at all connection points regardless of whether water is delivered through the Master Meter or through an Accommodation Tap agreed to between Toledo and the Contracting Jurisdiction.

  • The creation, location or relocation of Connection Points, not otherwise specified in this Agreement, to serve the Contracting Jurisdiction shall be subject to written approval by Toledo’s Department of Public Utilities and the Contracting Jurisdiction; and shall be on a Master Meter basis, except as otherwise permitted under Section 7(B)(4) above.

  • The installation of Sub-meters is at the choice, discretion, and sole cost and expense of the Master Meter Lot Owner.

  • Furthermore, Customer acknowledges Master Meter may use subcontractors to perform RF Field Equipment installation, the systems integration work (if applicable), or project management (if applicable), without requiring Customer’s consent.

  • Specialized support from Master Meter is available on a fee basis to address support issues outside the scope of this support plan or if not covered under another specific maintenance contract.

More Definitions of Master Meter

Master Meter means a single meter servicing more than one unit and/or residence.
Master Meter means service which supplies electrical energy to more than one (1) dwelling unit or boat moorage and is measured through a single inclusive metering system.
Master Meter means a single meter used in determining
Master Meter means a meter registering water all or part of which is subsequently registered by one or more sub-meters;
Master Meter means an individual metered service connection serving multiple residential or multiple commercial units by an individual account with the District.
Master Meter means a device for measuring water consumption by a commercial or industrial customer of the district, usually serving a series of individual consumers such as a mobile home park or apartment complex.
Master Meter means a meter registering water all or part of which is subsequently registered by one or more sub‑meters;