Vacation Accumulation Sample Clauses

Vacation Accumulation. (a) Vacations are not cumulative from year to year.
Vacation Accumulation. Vacations shall not be cumulative from year to year provided that vacation entitlement may be carried over to a subsequent year on the request of the employee but at the sole discretion of the Employer. An employee who wishes to carry his vacation entitlement forward shall request the Employer's permission to do so, in writing, not later than November 15th, of the year in which the employee ordinarily would take the vacation sought to be carried forward. Carry over entitlement shall not be greater than one (1) year accumulation.
Vacation Accumulation. Permanent or probationary full-time employees shall accrue vacation pay according to the following rates: Continuous Service Requirement Rates Per Full Payroll Period 0 through 5 years 4 working hours After 5 through 8 years 5 working hours After 8 through 12 years 7 working hours After 12 through 18 years 7½ working hours After 18 through 25 years 8 working hours After 25 through 30 years 8½ working hours After 30 years 9 working hours For purposes of determining changes in employee's accrual rate, Continuous Service Requirement shall not include periods of suspension, unpaid non-medical leaves of absence, if they are at least one (1) full-payroll period in duration. Employees on a military leave under Article 14 shall earn and accrue vacation as though actually working, pursuant to M.S. 196.26. Changes in accrual rates shall be made effective at the beginning of the next payroll period following completion of the specific Continuous Service Requirement. Employees who are normally paid for less than a full eighty (80) hour pay period will have their vacation accruals pro-rated in accordance with Appendix A. At an employee’s request and at the discretion of the Appointing Authority, employees hired into State service from another public sector employer(s), including the United States Armed Forces, where they were in a vacation eligible position may be granted length of service credit in an amount up to the length of time employed by previous public sector employers. Length of service credit shall be subject to the following conditions:
Vacation Accumulation. After having served in the county service for six (6) consecutive full calendar months, full-time employees shall be credited with six (6) months’ worth of vacation leave accrued and thereafter, vacation leave shall be credited as follows: Days Per Year Hours Per Pay Period Work Hours Per Week 37.5 40 37.5 40 After six months of continuous service through 3rd year 13 13 3.750 4.000 After 3rd year of continuous service through 5th year 14 14 4.039 4.308 After 5th year of continuous service through 10th year 16 16 4.616 4.924 After 10th year of continuous service through 15th year 18 18 5.193 5.539 After 15th year of continuous service through 20th year 21 21 6.058 6.462 After 20th year 24 24 6.924 7.385
Vacation Accumulation. 1439 Employees may accumulate up to a maximum of five-hundred (500) Vacation hours in their account. Effective January 1, 2002, the maximum number of vacation hours an eligible employee may accumulate is equal to twice an employee’s annual accrual.
Vacation Accumulation. An employee shall not accumulate vacation at any one time in excess of two hundred eighty (280) hours.
Vacation Accumulation. Employees may not maintain a vacation balance greater than twice their annual accrual. In conjunction with Employer policy, vacation time will be credited and debited monthly. New employees shall have vacation and holiday accrual credited on a pro-rata basis, based on their date of hire. For purposes of determining the pro-ration, the parties agree that accruals will be on a calendar basis.
Vacation Accumulation. For employees accruing vacation at the rate of ninety (90) hours annually, the maximum amount of vacation that may be accumulated shall be one hundred thirty-five (135) hours or sixteen and seven-eighths (16 7/8) days. For employees accruing vacation at the rate of one hundred thirty (130) hours annually, the maximum amount of vacation that may be accumulated shall be one hundred ninety-five (195) hours or twenty-four and three-eighths (24 3/8) days. For employees accruing vacation at the rate of one hundred seventy (170) hours annually, the maximum amount of vacation that may be accumulated shall be two hundred fifty-five (255) hours or thirty-one and seven-eighths (31 7/8) days. Salary may not be substituted for vacation leave while the individual is employed by Genesee County, except as provided in Section 10 below. It is understood that no employee will jeopardize his/her accumulated vacation leave due to the Employer's failure to grant the vacation time. Any hours accrued over the accumulated maximums as explained above will be lost to the employee.
Vacation Accumulation. On December 31 of each year accumulated vacation days will be reduced not to exceed the maximum allowed accumulation. However, if the employee is denied a request for vacation made before the October 15th deadline, and if the Employer is unable to allow the employee to reschedule the request to a date before December 31, the vacation days may be carried over to the following year. Any vacation days in excess of twenty (20) days which are carried over in accordance with this Section, must be used as soon as the schedule can be worked out, not to exceed a period of ninety (90) days.