Power Station definition

Power Station means a power station for the generation of electricity other than the Power Station; and
Power Station means the Power Station referred to in subclause (1) of Clause 19;
Power Station means an installation comprising one or more Generating Units (even where sited separately), other than an External Interconnection, owned and/or controlled by the same Generator, which may reasonably be considered as being managed as one Power Station;

Examples of Power Station in a sentence

  • The Koeberg Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Tariff has been recalculated as a cost reflective tariff as required by local government legislation and in accordance with the MOU signed between the City of Cape Town and Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

  • EMD of Rs.64,000.00 /‐ in shape of DD payable on State Bank of India (Code No. 9510)/Central Bank of India, ITPS Banharpali (Code No.028399)/ Andhra Bank, Adapada (Code‐0662), Ib Thermal Power Station, Banharpali, Jharsuguda in favour of Odisha Power Generation Corporation Limited.Requisite EMD can be submit directly in our company name – Odisha Power Generation Corporation Limited, Banharpali.

  • Reactive Power of a Power Station with Non-Synchronous Generating Units: After fault clearing, the power station in which a non-synchronous generating unit is located must not absorb reactive power from the transmission system or the distribution system.

  • BARAUNI/S&T/2022 Dated 04.08.2022Supply, Installation, Wiring, Testing and Commissioning of Signalling and Telecommunication Work of Barauni Thermal Power Station (BTPS) Yard New Panel Interlocking Work including Addition/Alteration work at adjacent Gram Simariya Station in Sonpur Division ofEast Central Railway.

  • Letter from Entergy to NRC, BVY 17-005, Application for Order Consenting to Direct and Indirect Transfers of Control of Licenses and Approving Conforming License Amendment and Notification of Amendment to Decommissioning Trust Agreement; Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station; Docket Nos.

More Definitions of Power Station

Power Station means an operational assembly consisting of one or several generating installations which generates electricity, together with auxiliary equipment and civil engineering works;
Power Station means a hydro electric power station with a nominal total installed capacity of at least 30 megawatts;
Power Station means a gas turbine power station with a nominal total installed capacity of at least 100 megawatts;
Power Station means an assembly of plant or equipment for the creation or generation of electrical energy; and
Power Station means the installation comprising the Generation Unit(s);
Power Station means a gas turbine power station with a nominal total installed capacity of at least 100 megawatts; “power station site” means the land proposed by the Joint Venturers as the site for the power station as shown coloured red on the plan marked “X” initialled by or on behalf of the parties hereto for the purposes of identification or such other land approved as the power station site pursuant to approved proposals; “private roads” means the roads referred to in subclause (1) of Clause 15 and any other roads constructed by the Joint Venturers in accordance with an approved proposal or agreed by the parties to be a private road for the purposes of this Agreement;