Site area definition

Site area means the total area of a site;
Site area means the total area of a development site calculated after subtracting any required
Site area means the area according to survey data, contained within the boundaries of the sub-division, sub divisions, or plot of land on which the premises are situated, or, where the boundaries of the site have not been defined by survey, the area contained within the recognised boundaries or limits of the site as determined by the Engineer;

Examples of Site area in a sentence

  • Further, any such decision of the Engineer-In-Charge shall not, in any way, absolve the Contractor of his responsibilities and in case, use of such a container or entry thereof into the Site area is forbidden by the Engineer-In-Charge, the Contractor shall use alternative methods with the approval of the Engineer-In-Charge without any cost implication to OPTCL or extension of work schedule.

  • Site area development requirements shall be established in the Zoning By-law where practical.

  • Conduct operations in such a manner as to minimize the amount of Site area exposed to wind erosion.

  • In case the access to the works of other contractors is through the Site area of the Contractor, the Contractor shall coordinate with and permit all reasonable access to other Contractors.

  • Site area of any development within the CR District shall be no less than 40 acres and shall have a minimum primary street Frontage of 1,400 linear feet.

More Definitions of Site area

Site area means the total horizontal area of a project site.
Site area means the area of the Site approximately delineated by Aberdeen Street in the southeast, Shing Wong Street in the northwest, Hollywood Road in the northeast and Staunton Street in the southwest. The Site boundaries are delineated in thick colored line in Volume Two - Plan 2.
Site area means the area of any plot as defined within the plot deeds or land registry title and verified by a recent land survey;
Site area means the total square footage of the land area of the entire site
Site area means gross site area—all land within the property lines of a parcel or combination of parcels that make up the site for a land use/project, including any internal easements.
Site area means an area of site required in an existing Zoning Bylaw adopted pursuant to the Municipal Act;
Site area means the computed area contained within the site lines.