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site area means the area of any land on which development is or is to be carried out. The land may include the whole or part of one lot, or more than one lot if they are contiguous to each other, but does not include the area of any land on which development is not permitted to be carried out under this Plan. [Note: The effect of this definition is varied by clause 4.5 for the purpose of the determination of permitted floor space area for proposed development.]
site area means the computed area contained within the site lines.
site area means the total area of a site;

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BackgroundZoning: Town Centre Site area: 101m² Previous Decisions of Council and/or History of an Issue on Site 9 August 2005 Council granted approval for an increase in the residential density to Residential R60 for the construction of a mixed use development comprising two residential dwellings each with a home office (architect) on the ground floor.

The historic high groundwater level in the Project Site area is approximately 70 to 80 feet below ground surface and groundwater was not encountered at the maximum depth of 70.5 feet during field exploration, according to the Geotechnical Report included in Appendix F of the Draft EIR.

Sending units shall come from the Sending Site area designated on the Longmont TDR Area Map for the Wood Meadows NCNUPUD, as required in Section 6-700(K) of the Land Use Code.

Location (City) of ProjectsNumber of projects Site area Expected total GFA Total landcosts (sq.

The Ceremonial Site is a registered Aboriginal Heritage site (Site 27936 - Kwoorabup Corroborree Ground) under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972, and the current Regulation 10 application proposes to bollard the Ceremonial Site area to avoid vehicles parking on the site, whilst still allowing for pedestrian access.

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site area means the area according to survey data, contained within the boundaries of the sub-division, sub divisions, or plot of land on which the premises are situated, or, where the boundaries of the site have not been defined by survey, the area contained within the recognised boundaries or limits of the site as determined by the Engineer;
site area means the area of a lot or part thereof sufficient in area to satisfy the minimum lot area requirements for a specific use in this bylaw, where multiple zones exist for a lot.
site area. ’ means the area of land to which an application for consent under the Act relates, excluding therefrom any land upon which the development to which the application relates is not permitted by or under the local environmental plan;
site area means gross site area—all land within the property lines of a parcel or combination of parcels that make up the site for a land use/project, in- cluding any internal easements.
site area means the total horizontal area of a project site.
site area means that part of a lot or lots which is proposed to be used, is currently used, or is the subject of a development application.
site area means that part of a lot set aside or available for the exclusive use of the occupants of a seasonal residence and may include land within a strata lot.