Voluntary Withdrawal Sample Clauses

Voluntary Withdrawal. If any Partner should withdraw from the Partnership, they must give at least days’ written notice to the Partnership. Such withdrawal shall have no effect on the day-to-day operations of the Partnership.
Voluntary Withdrawal. No Member shall have the right or power to Voluntarily Withdraw from the Company and any Member who shall voluntarily withdraw shall be in intentional breach of this Agreement. No Member who shall Voluntarily Withdraw shall be entitled to receive, in liquidation of his Interest, pursuant to Section 25-10 of the Act or otherwise, the fair value of the Member’s Interest on the date of Voluntary Withdrawal.
Voluntary Withdrawal. A Party may withdraw at any time by giving not less than 30 days’ written notice to the other Parties of the effective date of such withdrawal. No Party shall be permitted to withdraw if such withdrawal would result in an Event of Default by or disqualification of the remaining Parties or the Project Company.
Voluntary Withdrawal. No Member shall have the right or power to voluntarily Withdraw (“Voluntarily Withdraw”) from the Company. Any Withdrawal in violation of this Agreement shall entitle the Company to damages for breach, which may be offset against the amounts otherwise Distributable to such Member.
Voluntary Withdrawal. Any General Partner may Voluntarily Withdraw from the Partnership at any time provided that (a) the Partnership shall have received the opinion of Counsel to the Partnership to the effect that such Withdrawal will not constitute a termination of the Partnership or otherwise materially adversely affect the status of the Partnership for federal income tax purposes and (b) if the General Partner proposing to withdraw is then the sole General Partner, or if such Voluntary Withdrawal shall require the admission of a new General Partner in order to preserve the status of the Partnership as a partnership for federal income tax purposes, a new General Partner shall have been selected who, or which, (1) shall have stated willingness to be admitted, (2) shall satisfy the then applicable provisions of the Code and any applicable procedures, regulations, rules and rulings (including published private rulings) thereunder, including applicable net worth requirements so that the Partnership shall be classified as a partnership for tax purposes, and (3) shall have received the unanimous Consent of all of the other Partners with respect to admission (which unanimous consent shall, in the case of the Limited Partners, be deemed to have been received provided that the Consent of a majority in interest of the Investor Limited Partners has been received in the manner provided in Section 13 hereof).
Voluntary Withdrawal. Except as expressly permitted in this -------------------- Agreement, a Member shall not voluntarily withdraw or take any other voluntary action which, directly or indirectly, causes a Dissolution Event.
Voluntary Withdrawal. No Partner shall have the right to, and each Partner agrees that it will not, withdraw voluntarily from the Partnership. In the event any Partner withdraws from the Partnership in contravention of this Agreement, such withdrawing Partner shall be liable to the other Partner for all damages attributable to its breach of this Agreement. The withdrawal of a Partner in contravention of this Article X shall not cause the Partnership to be dissolved, and such withdrawing Partner shall be deemed to be an assignee of a Partner's Partnership Interest and shall have only the rights provided a Partner's assignee under the provisions of the Partnership Act.