Temporary Parking Sample Clauses

Temporary Parking. In the event of any New Construction, the ----------------- New Construction Site Owner shall, at its sole cost and expense, create temporary parking ("Temporary Parking") for Tenant and require Tenant to use the Temporary Parking in lieu of then existing parking: provided, however, that (a) the total number of parking, spaces available to Tenant shall not be less than the total number of parking spaces available as of the Commencement Date, (b) the Temporary Parking shall be located on an improved surface (crushed stone or asphalt); (c) the Temporary Parking shall comply with all applicable Legal Requirements, (d) the location of the Temporary Parking shall be subject to Tenant's prior written approval, which approval may not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed, (e) the New Construction Site Owner shall maintain and repair the Temporary Parking at its sole cost and expense, (f) the right of the New Construction-Site Owner to provide Temporary Parking during each period of New Construction shall continue for no longer than three (3) years, it being understood and agreed that the Temporary Parking does not constitute permanent parking arrangements for the Building and that Temporary Parking may result in the temporary disruption in use and/or reduction in the amount of Recreational Facilities. (g) the New Construction Site Owner shall cause any underground or garage parking on the New Construction Site to be constructed and completed before or concurrently with the construction and completion of any building on the New Construction Site (including any Expansion Space), and (h) at least 250 standard size contiguous automobile parking spaces shall be available to Tenant at all times on the Site within the confines of the surface parking areas existing as of the Commencement Date.
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Temporary Parking. The City, at its sole cost and expense, shall install an asphaltic layer, parking stall striping for at least 350 parking stalls and landscape and hardscape materials to the Temporary Parking Area, including lighting and applicable signage, in substantial conformance with Exhibit B (collectively, the “Surface Parking Improvements”). The City shall complete construction of the Surface Parking Improvements no later than Developer’s Completion of Construction of the Minimum Improvements. The parking spaces included in the Temporary Parking Area will be available for public use without charge, including use by patrons of the Project. In the event that the City has not caused the Completion of Construction of the Surface Parking Improvements by the date that Developer has caused Completion of Construction of the Minimum Improvements, then at Developer’s sole election, Developer may complete the Surface Parking Improvements and thereafter recover all of Developer’s reasonable costs and expenses from the City assuming Developer has complied with the Section 10.1.
Temporary Parking. With respect to the 400 parking spaces referenced in Paragraph 1 of this Lease and which are to be situated on the Land, it is acknowledged and agreed that 177 of said 400 spaces may not be constructed or be available for use by Tenant until August 1, 1999. If said 177 spaces are not available as of the 91st day after the date of this Lease and Tenant then desires to have temporary substitute parking prior to the completion of said 177 permanent spaces, then (i) Tenant shall give Landlord written notice thereof ("Parking Notice") on or before May 14, 1999 of the number of temporary parking spaces that Tenant reasonably anticipates it will need prior to the completion of the permanent spaces (which Parking Notice may be supplemented every two weeks in accordance with Tenant's then current reasonable estimate of the number of spaces it will require prior to the completion of the permanent spaces) and (ii) Landlord shall, at its expense, cause to be constructed within 21 days after any such Parking Notice from Tenant (subject to Force Majeure Delays), the number of parking spaces designated by Tenant in such Parking Notice up to a total of 177 temporary parking spaces ("Temporary Spaces") on an approximately 8,321 acre tract of land that is owned by AIL Investment, L.P., or at Landlord's option on the land on which the premises leased pursuant to the "Two Ameritrade Lease" are situated, for use by Tenant and its employees, agents and invitees until the completion of said permanent 177 spaces on the Land, at which time Tenant's 24 right to use the Temporary Spaces shall cease and be of no further force or effect. Tenant agrees that its use of said Temporary Spaces shall be subject to the same terms and conditions as are applicable to the permanent parking spaces as set forth in paragraph 1 of this Lease. Landlord agrees to procure such licenses from the owners of the tracts on which the Temporary Spaces are situated so as to enable Tenant to use same as contemplated hereby. EXECUTED BY LANDLORD this 19 day of March, 1999. ALLIANCE GATEWAY NO. 16, LTD., a Texas limited partnership By: Hillwood Operating, L.P., a Texas limited partnership, its general partner By: Hillwood Development Corporation a Texas corporation, its general partner By: /s/ M. THOMXX XXXXX ----------------------------------- Its: M. THOMXX XXXXX ----------------------------------- SECRETARY 25 EXECUTED BY TENANT, this 11 day of March, 1999. AMERITRADE HOLDING CORPORATION, a Delaware corporati...
Temporary Parking. If required, to provide, at Buyer's sole cost and expense, for the construction of temporary surface parking facilities including vehicular and pedestrian access on property made available by Seller. Once constructed, Buyer shall have no liability for such temporary parking facilities or the use or removal thereof. Buyer agrees to cooperate with Seller in an effort to persuade the City and any other necessary parties that such temporary parking facilities should not be required. If such temporary parking is required, Seller shall be responsible for obtaining, on
Temporary Parking. To the extent temporary parking facilities are required, to make available at Buyer's request land on Parcel 3 and 6 of Tract 7953 in the City to be used for temporary parking facilities during the construction of the Project, to arrange for the administration and maintenance of such temporary parking facilities. When such temporary parking facilities are no longer required, Seller in its discretion (unless such removal is required by the City in which event Seller shall) and at Seller's sole cost and expense, may remove such temporary parking facilities and restore such land to its condition prior to the construction of such temporary parking facilities.. Seller agrees to cooperate with Buyer in an effort to persuade the City and any other necessary parties that such temporary parking facilities should not be required.
Temporary Parking. The Owner shall provide adequate parking facilities on his lands and ensure that the workmen employed on the site shall park their vehicles during working hours on the said lands.
Temporary Parking. The parties hereto acknowledge that the Tenant may have a need for up to one hundred (100) additional parking spaces for temporary workers. Upon the Tenant’s request made to the Concierge Parking Services, the Landlord shall use its best efforts to make available to the Tenant during the Term of this Lease up to one hundred (100) temporary parking spaces from time to time at market rates then in effect, within two (2) blocks from the Building; provided, however, the Tenant shall endeavor to make any such request for temporary parking to the Concierge Parking Services no later than thirty (30) days prior to the date that such temporary parking spaces are needed by the Tenant. The Tenant’s request shall describe with specificity the actual number of temporary parking spaces needed, the duration that such spaces are needed and the Tenant’s preferred location of such temporary parking spaces. The cost of such temporary parking spaces shall be billed monthly in arrears by the Landlord to the Tenant and shall be due to the Landlord with the next monthly installment of Rent as set forth herein.
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Temporary Parking. During the period of time between the issuance of a building permit for the construction of the Waterfront Park by the Village and the conveyance of the NVH Garage to the Village, Owner agrees to provide 40 parking spaces free of charge in the Shops parking garage then in operation for use by Village employees who currently park on the Waterfront Park site.
Temporary Parking. Section 7.c of the Work Letter attached to the First Amendment (captioned “Temporary Parking”) is hereby deleted in its entirety.
Temporary Parking. Intentionally omitted.
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