Teach Sample Clauses

Teach. 4 courses every 2 years and arrange to be monitored by a TCF or RF every 2 years, as required by AHA guidelines.
Teach a Saturday, after-school or Summer School class in 2097 excess of the STRS earnings; or
Teach. In Systems from NDCA, provided, however, that such information shall continue to be considered confidential and such disclosure shall in no way waive NDC's right to prevent unauthorized disclosure thereof. The foregoing obligation of NDCA shall not apply to any such detailed information, trade secrets, practices, techniques or processes which have been introduced into and have become a part of the public domain, provided, that such introduction shall not have occurred by reason of a violation of the terms of this Agreement by NDCA, or any officer, director or employee of NDCA. The actions of NDC in supplying information pursuant to this Agreement or any other agreement containing a similar preservation of secrecy clause shall not be deemed to constitute an introduction of such information into public domain.

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  • Teaching Higher education courses (MBGA funding envelope, including an amount contingent on meeting performance‑based funding requirements) $303,575,707 $290,043,940 $292,138,847 Additional amounts for RUCs (included in the Provider’s MBGA for higher education courses shown above) X/X X/X X/X XXXX for designated higher education courses (medicine) $40,095,000 $40,713,354 $41,395,040 Any funding for demand driven higher education courses (amounts to be paid based on actual student enrolments) $1,077,815* Will be paid on actuals Will be paid on actuals Will be paid on actuals Transition Fund Loading $30,492,851 $17,728,835 $3,449,482 Medical Student Loading $2,222,335 $2,199,208** $2,197,500**

  • Teacher Any employee who is a member of the bargaining unit as defined in the General Article of this agreement.

  • Lecturer (b) Assistant Professor;

  • Teaching Load The weekly teaching load in the high schools shall not exceed twenty-five (25) assigned instructional periods and five (5) unassigned preparation periods, which the teacher will schedule for parent conferences when requested. The weekly teaching load in the 7-8 middle schools shall not exceed five-sixth (5/6) of the weekly instructional time with one-sixth (1/6) of said time being unassigned preparation time which the teacher will schedule for parent conferences when requested. The weekly teaching load in grades 1-6 will include a minimum of two- hundred fifteen (215) minutes of unassigned preparation periods which the teacher will schedule for parent conferences when requested. Any teacher may volunteer for an overload class to relieve student overcrowding in the classroom.

  • TEACHING HOURS A. Teachers shall be at their assigned classroom within the building as follows: For the 2020 – 2021 school year: High School: 7:55 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. Middle School: 7:50 a.m. – 3:10 p.m. Elementary: 7:45 a.m. – 3:05 p.m. It is agreed that the above times may be changed, by no more than twenty (20) minutes, by the Board upon prior notice to the Association. All teachers shall have a regular workday which will not exceed seven (7) hours forty-five (45) minutes, inclusive of lunch period. All teachers are responsible for the supervision of pupils during the passing of students between classes. In performing this duty teachers shall be stationed in the hallway area near their classrooms or at their classroom door. It is recognized that circumstances may occasionally require the presence of the teacher elsewhere. On days preceding holidays, teachers are free from duty when buses transporting students to their homes leave the building. Adjustments in the teacher workday, beyond those identified above, may be necessary to comply with requirements of the Revised School Code and/or State Aid Act for additional instructional hours to be provided to students in order to assure full receipt of foundation allowances and other appropriations. Implementation of any adjustments not addressed above shall be subject to negotiation between the Board and the Association at that time.


  • Teachers An individual who is a resident of a Contracting State immediately before making a visit to the other Contracting State, and who, at the invitation of any university, college, school or other similar educational institution, which is recognised by the competent authority in that other Contracting State, visits that other Contracting State for a period not exceeding two years solely for the purpose of teaching or research or both at such educational institution shall be exempt from tax in that other Contracting State on his remuneration for such teaching or research.

  • TEACHING CONDITIONS A. The parties recognize that optimum school facilities for both student and teacher are desirable to insure the high quality of education that is the goal of both the Association and the Board. It is also acknowledged that the primary duty and responsibility of the teacher is to teach and that the organization of the school and school day should be directed toward ensuring that the energy of the teacher is primarily utilized to this end.

  • Schools The Applicant, its successors and assigns, will comply with applicable provisions of Section 163.3180(6), Florida Statutes, in providing any required school proportionate share mitigation and will pay any applicable school impact fees for the Development in the timing and manner required by law.

  • Research Primary Investigator as part of a multi-site study (25 points) • Co-Investigator as part of a multi-site study (20 points) • Primary Investigator of a facility/unit based research study (15 points) • Co-Investigator of a facility/unit based research study (10 points) • Develops a unit specific research proposal (5 points) • Conducts a literature review as part of a research study (5 points)