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Be Safe means to advance the University of Virginia Medical Center’s status as the safest place to work and to receive care. The core belief is that patient and team member safety are preconditions to excellence in health care, and that collective system-wide focus on these areas will jointly improve outcomes and develop broad capacity to engage in organizational problem solving and continuous improvement. Based in Lean management principles, the Be Safe program emphasizes real-time root cause problem solving, the use of standard work as a basis for
Be Safe means students at Meadow View School engage in self-control, think about their behavior before acting, accept responsibility for doing their best work, get along with classmates, and accept directions and limits from teachers and other adults. Being safe also includes the “Lifeskills” of integrity, initiative, flexibility, perseverance, organization, sense of humor, effort, common sense, problem-solving, responsibility, patience, curiosity, cooperation and caring.
Be Safe means to advance the University of Virginia Medical Center’s status as the safest place to work and to receive care. The core belief is that patient and team member safety are preconditions to excellence in health care, and that collective system-wide focus on these areas

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  • Greenwich Public Schools Safe School Climate District Norms:Be Here Be Safe Be HonestCare For Self and Others Let Go and Move On DetentionIf a child is to be detained after school hours for makeup work or discipline, the child will be requested to notify his home.

  • It imperative that you understand that in remote areas first responders and help can be a very long way off and it is your responsibility keep these situations in mind during the race!Be Race Smart - Be Safe - Have a Backup Plan in Place!!NOTE: When you are unable to contact SCORE relay you will be on your own for communications.

  • Behavioral expectations at AHE fall under one of the school-wide expectations: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible, and Do Your Best.

  • In School Year 2013-2014 we posted in each bus the Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies (PBIS): Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.

  • Schafer, “Fort Should Be Safe, Sanford Says,” The Associated Press, August 26, 2003.

  • The following skills are used to teach and clarify what it looks like to Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible and Do Your Best in various locations at AHE.

  • Realizing that, we have three Community Expectations for each and every student and staff member to live by: Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible If you make it a habit to act according to our “Community Expectations” at all times, you will be successful.

  • Our School-Wide Expectations for all grade levels areBe Respectful Be Responsible Be Safe THE FIRST 24 DAYS OF SCHOOL: Days 1-8 Students will be taught School-Wide Expectations by Location.

  • The Prince Edward Island Reproductive Care Program received permission from Best Start Ontario to adapt and reprint the pamphlet Be Safe: Have an alcohol-free pregnancy (

  • Be Safe on the Internet Data security takes an ongoing awareness about the threats posed from a variety of sources, including browsing the Internet.

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Be Safe means the Be-Safe legal entity named on an Order Form(s)
Be Safe means the Be Safe legal entity named on an Order Form(s) or any Be Safe Affiliate if that Affiliate is stated as a provider of the Services (or Technical Services) in an Order Form.

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