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The Sport means the sport, art and/or discipline of Parkour, Freerunning and/or L’Art Du Déplacement is as defined in4.2. This definition is the sporting definition and does not fully describe the art, discipline and/or philosophy as a whole
The Sport means Rounders
The Sport means the sport of gymnastics in all its forms which includes inter alia Women's Artistic, Men's Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Acrobatic, Tumbling, Gymnastics For All, Aerobic, Special Needs and all other related disciplines.

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  • If I fail to adhere to this policy, I will be responsible for and promptly pay the replacement cost of such equipment.CODE OF CONDUCT Initial: The Ideology Of Youth Sports Including This Program Is To Promote Good Understanding And Fundamental Knowledge Of The Sport.

  • The Sport and Entertainment Management major curriculum includes 2-14 hours of approved electives, depending on how students fulfill the Carolina Core requirements.

  • The Sport must not disclose any specific facts of an allegation of Prohibited Conduct or breach of this Policy.

  • The Sport recognises that betting is a legitimate pursuit, however illegal or fraudulent betting is not.

  • The Sport Commissioner of that sport shall be an ex-officio member at the protest meeting.

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The Sport means mountain bike riding.
The Sport means the Volleyball Australia Inc (Volleyball Australia)
The Sport means the sport of gymnastics in all its forms which includes inter alia Women's
The Sport means Surfing Australia Inc.
The Sport means the game of pool billiards.
The Sport means Table Tennis Australia Ltd
The Sport means Surf Lifesaving Australia / Surf Lifesaving EntityANNEXURE A – CODE OF CONDUCT SURF LIFESAVING AUSTRALIAANTI-MATCH-FIXING CODE OF CONDUCT PREAMBLESLSA recognises that betting is a legitimate pursuit, however illegal or fraudulent betting is not.Fraudulent betting on sport and the associated Match-fixing is an emerging and critical issue globally, for sport, the betting industry and governments alike. Accordingly, SLSA/SLS Entities have a major obligation to address the threat of Match-fixing and the corruption that flows from that. SLSA/SLS Entities have a zero tolerance for illegal gambling and Match-fixing. SLSA/SLS Entities have developed a National Policy on Match-fixing to:a. protect and maintain the integrity of Surf Sport b. protect against any efforts to impact improperly the result of any match c. establish a uniform rule and consistent scheme of enforcement and penalties d. adhere to the National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport as agreed by Australian Governments on 10 June 2011. A copy of the National Policy can be obtained is available on the SLSA web site: SLSA / SLS Entities will engage necessary technical expertise to administer, monitor and enforce this Policy. APPLICATIONThe Policy, as amended from time to time, includes a defined list of Relevant Persons to whom this code of conduct applies. SAMPLE CODE OF CONDUCT PRINCIPLES/RULES OF BEHAVIOURThis code of conduct sets out the guiding principles for all Relevant Persons on the issues surrounding the integrity of sport and betting. GUIDING PRINCIPLESa. Be smart: know the rules b. Be safe: never bet on your sportc. Be careful: never share sensitive information d. Be clean: never fix an event e. Be open: tell someone if you are approached 4.1 Be smart: know the rules Find out the Sports betting integrity rules of the Sport (set out in the Sports National Policy) prior to each season, so that you are aware of the Sport’s most recent position regarding betting. If you break the rules, you will be caught and risk severe punishments including a potential lifetime ban from your sport and even being subject to a criminal investigation and prosecution.