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Examples a. if Star Sports 1 is placed at number 2 within the Sports genre, then Star Sports 2 and Star Sports 1 Hindi shall be placed at 3 and 4 respectively, without any other channel(s) placed between the Star Sports Channels thereby disrupting the sequence.
Examples. When we provide examples in this agreement, they do not limit the provisions of this agreement. The terms includes, such as and for example mean, respectively, includes without limitation, such as but without limitation and for example but without limitation.
Examples servicing agreement, custodial agreement. ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- Item 1.03- Bankruptcy or Receivership Disclosure is required regarding the bankruptcy or receivership, with respect to any of the following: ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Sponsor (Seller) Depositor/Sponsor (Seller) ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Depositor Depositor ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Master Servicer Master Servicer ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Affiliated Servicer Servicer ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Other Servicer servicing 20% or more of the pool Servicer assets at the time of the report ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Other material servicers Servicer ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Trustee Trustee ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Securities Administrator Securities Administrator ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Significant Obligor Depositor ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Credit Enhancer (10% or more) Depositor ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Derivative Counterparty Depositor ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- o Custodian Custodian ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N-3-1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORM 8-K DISCLOSURE INFORMATION ---------------------------------------------------------- ----------------...
Examples. (A) The taxpayer has received a statutory notice of deficiency, under I.R.C. §6212, which entitles the taxpayer to seek Tax Court review of a proposed tax deficiency. This is not a delinquent tax because it is not a final tax liability. Should the taxpayer seek Tax Court review, this will not be a final tax liability until the taxpayer has exercised all judicial appeal rights.
Examples. The following examples provide guidance on applying the above unit of count:
Examples. If, in any provision of this Agreement, any example is given (through the use of the words “such as,” “for example,” “e.g.” or otherwise) of the meaning, intent or operation of any provision, such example is intended to be illustrative only and not exclusive.
Examples. The lessee is going to use the leased object as a nightclub. As per handover, the lessor is responsible for ensuring that the leased object complies with those technical building and construction requirements laid down by public law that are applicable as the result of the intended use as specified in Clause 5, such as emergency exit requirements, ventilation, etc. The lessor is also responsible for any requirements for universal design, such as requirements for the premises to be equipped with a wheelchair ramp, accessible toilet, etc. If a general requirement is introduced during the lease term to the effect that a wheelchair lift is required on all premises where ramps would previously suffice, the lessor shall arrange and pay for this. If, however, a requirement is introduced to the effect that all nightclubs shall have two accessible toilets, this will be the responsibility of the lessee. The lessee is under any circumstance responsible for public law requirements as the result of the nightclub use/activities, such as keeping emergency exits unblocked, obtaining a licence to serve intoxicating drinks, etc., cf. Clause 12.3. If premises are leased for office operations, the lessor will be responsible for ensuring that such premises can be used as offices. This implies that the lessor will have to upgrade the ventilation plant if ventilation is inadequate. The same applies to fire protection requirements. The Lessor is also responsible for compliance with the fire safety requirements applicable to the premises/building. If a requirement is introduced, during the lease term, to the effect that the premises need soundproof walls due to the activities conducted by the lessee, this will, on the other hand, be the responsibility of the lessee. In the event of premises leased for production activities that involve special requirements with regard to e.g. hygiene, it needs to be clarified which technical building and construction requirements apply to the planned production activities and are the responsibility of the lessor to comply with as at handover. This applies both to requirements that have their origin in the Planning and Building Act and requirements that have their origin in specialist legislation. Any new and stricter requirements imposed by, for example, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority shall be for the risk of the lessee, since such requirements relate to the specific use of the lessee. The apportionment of responsibilities between the lessor ...