Office Space Sample Clauses

Office Space. Manager will provide office space in the offices of the Manager or in such other place as may be reasonably agreed upon by the parties hereto from time to time, and all necessary office facilities and equipment;
Office Space. All faculty members teaching one-half time or more shall be provided with office space on the campus where the majority of their courses are taught. Further, the Employer will, upon the request of a faculty member, complete Income Tax Form No.T2200 (Declaration of Employment Conditions - Office or Employment Expense).
Office Space. You will provide such office space and equipment, telephone facilities and personnel (which may be any part of the space, equipment and facilities currently used in your business, or any personnel employed by you) as may be reasonably necessary or beneficial in order to provide the aforementioned services to customers.
Office Space. Commencing on the Listing Date and continuing until the Termination Date, to the extent reasonably requested by the Company, the Service Provider shall provide the Company with access to, and use of, the Office Space. For the purposes of this Agreement, the term “Office Space” shall mean the offices of the Service Provider located at 215 Park Avenue, Floor 11, New York, New York 10003 (or any successor location or other existing office space of the Service Provider or any of its affiliates).
Office Space. Twelve months before delivery of the first aircraft purchased, and continuing until the delivery of the last aircraft on firm order, Boeing will furnish, free of charge, suitable office space and equipment for the accommodation of up to three representatives of Customer in or conveniently located near the assembly plant.
Office Space. Each employee shall be provided with office space which may be on a shared basis. The parties recognize the desirability of providing each employee with enclosed office space with a door lock, office equipment commensurate with assigned responsibilities, and ready access to a telephone. Each employee shall, consistent with building security, have reasonable access to the employee's office space and laboratories, studios, music rooms, and the like used in connection with assigned responsibilities; this provision may require that campus security provide access on an individual basis. Before an employee's office location is changed, or before there is a substantial alteration to an employee's office to a degree that impedes the employee's work effectiveness, the affected employee shall be notified, if practicable, at least one (1) month prior to such change.
Office Space. The Employer/University Administration will provide separate office space for the Union's exclusive use at both the Amherst and Boston campuses of the University. The offices shall be equipped with a desk and desk chair. There shall be no charge to the Union for such office space, furniture, utilities (not to include telephone) or other normal building support services.
Office Space. The College/University will identify useable spaces and/or common areas, where appropriate, where adjunct faculty may meet with students or work on instructional activities and university matters. Where such spaces are not provided for adjunct faculty, the College/University shall confirm in writing that fact to the adjunct faculty member. The provision of space shall not take priority over the essential operations and/or instructional needs of the College/University and the utilization of the space may be withdrawn with advance notice to the adjunct faculty member based upon operational and/or instructional needs. Such space/common areas shall not be provided if it requires capital expenditures on the part of the College/University