RDDS availability Sample Clauses

RDDS availability. Refers to the ability of all the RDDS services for the TLD, to respond to queries from an Internet user with appropriate data from the relevant Registry System. If 51% or more of the RDDS testing probes see any of the RDDS services as unavailable during a given time, the RDDS will be considered unavailable.

Related to RDDS availability

  • System Availability System Availability percentage is calculated as follows:  Total MinutesintheMonth −Downtime   System Availability%age =  Total MinutesintheMonth *100    System Availability SLA (“SLA”) 99.5% System Availability percentage during each Month for productive versions Credit 2% of Monthly Subscription Fees for each 1% below SLA, not to exceed 100% of Monthly Subscription Fees Excluded Downtime Total Minutes in the Month attributable to: (i) a Scheduled Downtime for which a Regular Maintenance Window is described in Section 4 below, or (ii) any other Scheduled Downtime according to Section 4 for which the customer has been notified at least five (5) business days prior to such Scheduled Downtime or (iii) unavailability caused by factors outside of SAP’s reasonable control, such as unpredictable and unforeseeable events that could not have been avoided even if reasonable care had been exercised. Scheduled Downtime Scheduled Downtime for the applicable Cloud Services to which customer has subscribed is set forth in Section 4 below entitled “Maintenance Windows for Cloud Services”.

  • High Availability Registry Operator will conduct its operations using network and geographically diverse, redundant servers (including network-­‐level redundancy, end-­‐node level redundancy and the implementation of a load balancing scheme where applicable) to ensure continued operation in the case of technical failure (widespread or local), or an extraordinary occurrence or circumstance beyond the control of the Registry Operator. Registry Operator’s emergency operations department shall be available at all times to respond to extraordinary occurrences.

  • EPP service availability Refers to the ability of the TLD EPP servers as a group, to respond to commands from the Registry accredited Registrars, who already have credentials to the servers. The response shall include appropriate data from the Registry System. An EPP command with “EPP command RTT” 5 times higher than the corresponding SLR will be considered as unanswered. If 51% or more of the EPP testing probes see the EPP service as unavailable during a given time, the EPP service will be considered unavailable.