Special Requirements Sample Clauses

Special Requirements. Additional terms and conditions of this Agreement, if any, which are made a part hereof are set forth in the “Special Requirements” attached hereto as Exhibit “B” and incorporated herein by this reference. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of Exhibit “B” and any other provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of Exhibit “B” shall govern.
Special Requirements. The DISTRICT agrees to comply with applicable CITY zoning ordinances, building code requirements and other applicable city and state codes, ordinances, or licensing requirements. The DISTRICT understands that execution of this Agreement is in no way a waiver or approval of any provision of this section. The DISTRICT understands and agrees that the administration and expenditure of funds from this grant shall be in compliance with CDBG regulations; provided further, the DISTRICT agrees to be solely responsible for ensuring said compliance. The DISTRICT further certifies that it will comply with the applicable provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations 24 CFR, Part 570, to include, but not limited to, 24 CFR, Section 570.502, and Office of Management and Budget Circulars, to include, but not limited to, Circular A-133: Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations, revised June 24, 1997; provided further, that HSSM agrees to comply with applicable federal law and regulations described in 24 CFR, Part 570, Subpart K. Title 31 U.C.S., Section 1352, requires all subgrantees, contractors, subcontractors, and consultants who receive federal funds via the CITY to certify that they will not use federal funds to pay any person for influencing or attempting to influence a federal agency or Congress in connection with the award of any federal contract, grant, loan, or cooperative agreements. In addition, contract applicants, recipients, and subrecipients must file a form disclosing any expenditures they make for lobbying out of non-federal funds during the contract period. Necessary forms are available from the Administrator Management Services, Department of Planning and Development Services of the City and must be returned to the CITY with other contract documents. It is the responsibility of the general contractor to obtain executed forms from any subcontractors who fall within the provisions of the Code and to provide the CITY with the same.
Special Requirements. This exemption also applies to any and all seismographic and geophysical surveying, stratigraphic testing, coring, logging and testing calculated to reveal the existence of geologic conditions favorable to the accumulation of oil or gas. No exemption certificate required. These exempt services and exempt drilling activities occur during a time period we call the pre- production casing phase. These exempt services must be separately stated on invoices from taxable charges. [Wy Dept of Rev Rules, Chap 2, Sec. 9(a) ] For more information related to both exempt and taxable oil and gas services please see our publication on our web site. From our main page click on "Publications" in the red banner. In the page that appears scroll to the grey scale heading "Sales and Use Tax Materials" and click on "Sales & Use Tax Publications for Specific Industries." In the list that appears click on "Oil Conventional Natural Gas and Coal Bed Sales of school annuals W. S. 00-00-000 (a)(viii)(C) None No exemption certificate required. Sales of newspapers W. S. 00-00-000 (a)(viii)(D) None No exemption certificate required. Sales of carbon dioxide and other gases used in tertiary production W. S. 00-00-000 (a)(viii)(F) Example: Tertiary production is defined at W.S. 00-00-000, in part, as crude oil recovery by means of a tertiary enhanced recovery project as certified by the Wyoming oil and gas conservation commission or the United States government. Circle Sec. 5 M (Other) cite statute or describe exemption in space provided
Special Requirements. (This Section Contractor shall comply with the requirements of Contract. IS Applicable IS NOT Applicable to this Contract) The incorporated herein as a part hereof which are applicable to the
Special Requirements. (Insert: special terms and conditions applicable to this Contract.) [OPTION:]Contractor shall be solely responsible for and shall have control over the means, methods, techniques, sequences and procedures of performing the work, subject to the plans and specifications under this Contract and shall be solely responsible for the errors and omissions of its employees, subcontractors and agents. Contractor has the skill and knowledge possessed by well-informed members of its industry, trade or profession and Contractor will apply that skill and knowledge with care and diligence and perform Services in a timely, professional and workmanlike manner in accordance with standards applicable to Contractor’s industry, trade or profession.
Special Requirements. Within the general scope of this ITQ and with the prior approval of DGS, Issuing Agencies may modify the Supply category definitions, descriptions, qualification requirements, and contract terms and conditions for particular POs if set forth in the RFQ. Such modifications shall take precedence over differing provisions of the ITQ/Contract. The Commonwealth reserves the right to purchase Supplies within the scope of this Contract through other procurement methods whenever the Commonwealth deems it to be in its best interest.
Special Requirements. 2.1. When the pressure in the locking chamber approaches the level at which mechanical locking occurs, an optical or audible warning device shall come into action. Provided this requirement is met, the warning device may comprise the red warning signal specified in paragraph