Certificate Required Sample Clauses

Certificate Required. Escrow securities will not be released under this Part until the Issuer has delivered to the Escrow Agent a certificate specifying the release schedule, and any other information which the Escrow Agent reasonably requests.
Certificate Required. Payment for absence from work that in any instance exceeds 2 consecutive days where the employee is ill or exceeds 1 day for carers’ leave shall be contingent upon production by the employee concerned of either a certificate from a duly qualified medical practitioner or other evidence of illness satisfactory to Ipswich City Council. All employees who are unable to attend work due to illness or carers’ responsibilities on any workday or shift shall notify their immediate Supervisor or Branch Manager of their inability to attend work as soon as possible but in any event, within half an hour of their normal starting time for the day or shift on which they are absent and shall unless exceptional circumstances exist, advise of the reason for the absence and of the expected duration of such absence. For carers’ leave, the name of the person requiring care and their relationship to the employee must also be provided. Failure to provide this information may result in the non-payment of Leave for that absence. In cases where an employee's record of attendance at work deteriorates to a point where it can be deemed to be unsatisfactory, Council may introduce a system whereby the employee will be required to produce satisfactory evidence, which may include a doctor's certificate before payment of any sick/carers leave is made. Prior to implementing this requirement, Council must meet to discuss the employee’s attendance record and their concerns. The employee must be advised that they may be accompanied by a union representative at this meeting
Certificate Required. Notwithstanding anything contained in Clause 5.6.1 of this clause, payment for absence from work through illness that in any instance exceeds 2 consecutive days, shall be contingent upon production by the Employee concerned of either a certificate from a duly qualified Medical Practitioner or signed Statutory Declaration satisfactory to the Chief Executive Officer or Director. It is the responsibility of any Employee absent from work on account of sickness or injury to advise his/her Supervisor as soon as practicable before the start of their Employee’s rostered starting time for the day in question and the likely duration of the leave.
Certificate Required. (a) No school bus shall be operated on the streets of the city unless the owner of such vehicle has first applied for and received a certificate of public necessity and convenience (CPNC) in the manner provided in this chapter.
Certificate Required. It shall be unlawful for any person to have or possess a dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog without a certificate of registration issued by the county. No more than one certificate of registration shall be granted per person or owner for a dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog. No more than one certificate shall be issued per domicile.
Certificate Required. Payment for absence from work in any instance where the leave accessed either:
Certificate Required. A Certificate of Insurance, or an appropriate binder of insurance coverage evidencing the above insurance coverage with a company acceptable to CITY's Risk Manager shall be submitted to CITY by SHUSD prior to execution of this agreement by CITY. All such insurance shall be primary and name CITY, its officers, agents, employees and representatives as additional insured by endorsement.
Certificate Required. A temporary sign certificate is required for a temporary special sign event. The certificate allows the holder to display temporary event signs on the lot where the event is to occur. Certificate is valid for a maximum often ten (10) days. Certificate can be issued for up to four (4) times in one (1) calendar year.
Certificate Required. An employee is not entitled to sick leave for more than three non-consecutive single day absences in any one year of service without the production (if requested by the Company) of a certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, complying with the requirements of sub-clause (c) hereof with respect to the fourth and subsequent single day absences.

Related to Certificate Required

  • Certificate Register The Warrant Agent shall keep a register ("Certificate Register") of the Warrant Certificates and of their transfer and exchange. The Certificate Register shall show the names and addresses of the respective Holders and the date and number of Warrants evidenced on the face of each of the Warrant Certificates. The Company and the Warrant Agent may deem and treat the Person in whose name a Warrant Certificate is registered as the absolute owner of such Warrant Certificate for all purposes whatsoever and neither the Company nor the Warrant Agent shall be affected by notice to the contrary.