Procedural Requirements Sample Clauses

Procedural Requirements. Upon a Special Mandatory Conversion, each holder of shares of New Preferred Stock converted pursuant to Section B.10(a) shall be sent written notice of such Special Mandatory Conversion and the place designated for mandatory conversion of all shares of New Preferred Stock. Upon receipt of such notice, each holder of such shares of New Preferred Stock shall surrender his, her or its certificate or certificates for all such shares (or, if such holder alleges that such certificate has been lost, stolen or destroyed, a lost certificate affidavit and agreement reasonably acceptable to the Corporation to indemnify the Corporation against any claim that may be made against the Corporation on account of the alleged loss, theft or destruction of such certificate) to the Corporation at the place designated in such notice. If so required by the Corporation, certificates surrendered for conversion shall be endorsed or accompanied by written instrument or instruments of transfer, in form satisfactory to the Corporation, duly executed by the registered holder or by his, her or its attorney duly authorized in writing. All rights with respect to the New Preferred Stock so converted, including the rights, if any, to receive notices and vote (other than as a holder of Common Stock), will terminate at the time of the Special Mandatory Conversion (notwithstanding the failure of the holder or holders thereof to surrender the certificates for such shares at or prior to such time), except only the rights of the holders thereof, upon surrender of their certificate or certificates therefor (or lost certificate affidavit and agreement), to receive the items provided for in the next sentence of this Section B.10(b). As soon as practicable after the Special Mandatory Conversion and the surrender of the certificate or certificates (or lost certificate affidavit and agreement) for New Preferred Stock so converted, the Corporation shall issue and deliver to such holder, or to his, her or its nominees, a certificate or certificates for the number of full shares of Common Stock issuable on such conversion in accordance with the provisions hereof, together with cash as provided in B.7(d) in lieu of any fraction of a share of Common Stock otherwise issuable upon such conversion and the payment of any declared but unpaid dividends on the shares of New Preferred Stock converted, and a new certificate for the number of shares, if any, of New Preferred Stock represented by such surrendered cert...
Procedural Requirements. Tenant may, from time to time, at its expense, make alterations or improvements in and to the Premises (hereinafter collectively referred to as "ALTERATIONS"), provided that Tenant first obtains the written consent of Landlord in each instance. Landlord's consent to Alterations shall not be unreasonably withheld, provided that: (a) the Alterations are non-structural and the structural integrity of the Property shall not be affected; (b) the Alterations are to the interior of the Premises; (c) the proper functioning of the mechanical, electrical, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning ("HVAC"), sanitary and other service systems of the Property shall not be affected and the usage of such systems by Tenant shall not be increased; (d) the Alterations have no adverse effect on other leased premises in the Property; (e) Tenant shall have appropriate insurance coverage, reasonably satisfactory to Landlord, regarding the performance and installation of the Alterations; (f) the Alterations shall conform with all other requirements of this Lease; and (g) Tenant shall have provided Landlord with reasonably detailed plans for such Alterations in advance of requesting Landlord's consent. Additionally, before proceeding with any Alterations, Tenant shall (i) at Tenant's expense, obtain all necessary governmental permits and certificates for the commencement and prosecution of Alterations; (ii) submit to Agent, for Landlord's written approval, working drawings, plans and specifications and all permits for the work to be done and Tenant shall not proceed with such Alterations until it has received said approval; and (iii) cause those contractors, materialmen and suppliers engaged to perform the Alterations to deliver to Landlord certificates of insurance (in a form reasonably acceptable to Landlord) evidencing policies of commercial general liability insurance (providing the same coverages as required in SECTION 10.2.1 above) and workers' compensation insurance. Such insurance policies shall satisfy the obligations imposed under SECTION 10.2.1(a) through (d) and (f). After obtaining Landlord's approval to the Alterations, Tenant shall give Landlord at least five days' prior written notice of the commencement of any Alterations at the Premises, and Landlord may elect to record and post notices of non-responsibility at the Premises. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this SECTION 11.1, Landlord's consent shall not be required for Alterations satisfying c...
Procedural Requirements. All loans shall be requested and funded in accordance with the procedures set forth herein and such other procedures as may be approved and adopted from time to time by the Board of Trustees of the applicable Trust (the “Interfund Lending Procedures”), including a majority of the trustees who are not “interested persons” as that term is used in Section 2(a)(19) of the 0000 Xxx.
Procedural Requirements. The Executive’s employment under this Agreement shall not be subject to termination for Cause without: (i) reasonable notice to the Executive setting forth the reasons for Employer’s intention to terminate and specifying the particulars thereof in detail, and (ii) an opportunity for the Executive to cure any such breach, if possible, within thirty days after receipt of such notice.
Procedural Requirements. 25 The procedural requirements for obtaining the pass and verification that 26 the pass has been used solely by the employee shall be the same as apply to 27 managerial employees. Such requirements may change from time to time to ensure 28 efficient implementation of the program. 29 30
Procedural Requirements. The Contractor’s request must be in writing and include all of the supporting documentation outlined in the evidentiary requirements.
Procedural Requirements. (a) A Director or Officer who seeks indemnification under Section 8.02 shall make a written request therefor to the Corporation. Subject to Section 8.03(b), within sixty days of the Corporation's receipt of such request, the Corporation shall pay or reimburse the Director or Officer for the entire amount of Liabilities incurred by the Director or Officer in connection with the subject Proceeding (net of any Expenses previously advanced pursuant to Section 8.05).