Service Data Sample Clauses

Service Data. Service Provider may provide Client with pricing and other data (“Service Data”) licensed from third party suppliers, including various exchanges (collectively, “Data Suppliers”).
Service Data. You agree that we and our affiliates may use information derived from or generated by the Service Offerings to provide, maintain, protect, and improve the Service Offerings and to develop new products and services, to the extent permitted by applicable law.
Service Data. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Provider may collect and use Service Data to develop, improve, support, and operate its products and services. Provider may not share any Service Data that includes Customer’s Confidential Information with a third party except (i) in accordance with the confidentiality provisions of this Agreement, or (ii) to the extent the Service Data is aggregated and anonymized such that Customer and Customer’s users cannot be identified. “Service Data” means query logs, and any data (other than Customer Data) relating to the operation, support and/or about Customer’s use of the Service.
Service Data. If You subscribe to, purchase, enable or engage Third-Party Services pursuant to the Agreement, You acknowledge and agree that Provider may provide Service Data to the applicable Third-Party Supplier(s) and that Provider is not responsible or liable for any disclosure, modification, deletion or other use of Service Data resulting from any such access and use by such Third-Party Supplier(s). Any exchange of Service Data between You and a Third-Party Supplier is subject to the terms and conditions of such Third-Party Supplier. You represent and warrant that Your use of any Third-Party Service constitutes Your express consent to the access and use of Service Data by the applicable Third-Party Supplier, and that such consent, use, and access is beyond Provider’s control. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Provider and Third-Party Suppliers may communicate directly with You for the following purposes: (i) to conduct customer service and satisfaction surveys; (ii) to the extent required to provide options regarding continuity of the Services; and (iii) for purposes related to the provisioning of the Services to Your Account, including in relation to any Updates or security incidents.
Service Data. Tealium may collect and use Service Data to monitor performance of the Services, monitor and measure Customer’s usage, and develop, improve, support, and operate its products and Services.
Service Data. DT does not own and specifically disclaims any responsibility for any data that Customer may submit, transmit, collect, post, store or produce while using the Service ("Service Data"). Customer has sole responsibility for the accuracy, integrity, reliability, appropriateness and right to use any and all Service Data. DT has no obligation to monitor any information stored or shared through the Services and is not responsible for the accuracy, appropriateness or legality of any files, posts, links or other information Customer may be able to view, share or access while using the Services. DT shall not view, access, edit or process any Service Data except as necessary to provide the Services to Customer, as agreed in this Agreement between Customer and DT or as required by applicable law. Customer shall apply adequate technical and organizational measures to keep its own Service Data secure.
Service Data. The Service Recipient is responsible, from and after the date of this Agreement, for (i) the accuracy and completeness of all data submitted by the Service Recipient to the Service Provider for processing or transmission in connection with the Services, and (ii) any errors in and with respect to data or information obtained from the Service Provider to the extent caused by inaccurate or incomplete data submitted by the Service Recipient.
Service Data. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Agreement (including this DPA), Seagate shall have a right to collect, use and disclose data relating to the use, support and/or operation of the Services (“Service Data”) for its legitimate business purposes, such as billing, account management, technical support, and product development. To the extent any such Service Data is considered Company personal information under Applicable Privacy Laws, Seagate shall be responsible for and shall process such data in accordance with the Seagate Privacy Policy (the most current version of which is located at xxxxx:// (as updated from time to time) and Applicable Privacy Laws. For the avoidance of doubt and except for this Section 7.4, the terms of this DPA shall not apply to Service Data.
Service Data. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Lxxxx may collect and store any data derived from Customer’s use of the Lukka Offerings and Customer Pricing Data. Customer also acknowledges and agrees that Lukka may, to the extent it first anonymizes any such data and aggregates any such data with similar data obtained from other Lukka customers or from other pricing API sources, in each case consistent with Lukka’s then current Data Use Policy, a copy of which is available to Customer upon its written request (as aggregated and anonymized, such data, “Service Data”), use such Service Data in order to provide and improve the Lukka Offerings. All such Service Data shall be solely owned by Lukka.
Service Data. Notwithstanding anything in this DPA, FreeBusy will have the right to collect, extract, compile, synthesize and analyze aggregated, non-personally identifiable data or information (data or information that does not identify Customer or any other entity or natural person as the source thereof) resulting from Customer's use or operation of the Services (“Service Data”) including, by way of example and without limitation, information relating to volumes, frequencies, recipients, scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation rates, or any other information regarding the calendar data and other communications Customer, its end users or recipients generate and send using the Services. To the extent any Service Data is collected or generated by FreeBusy, such data will be solely owned by FreeBusy and may be used by FreeBusy for any lawful business purpose without a duty of accounting to Customer or its recipients. For the avoidance of doubt, this DPA will not apply to Service Data.